Larry’s Story: I stand for workers. So does BikePGH.


Safe streets, strong workers.

Larry Kinney YEC 2015Biking put an extra $100 in my pocket each month and created a foundation on which to build my career.

If you’re biking in Pittsburgh, all roads lead to Kraynick’s Bike Shop.

Back in the 80’s when I began riding, people were coming out of the woodwork with a motive to ride and a need to form community. This happened at Kraynick’s and still does to this day. Riding then wasn’t as accessible as it is now that Bike Pittsburgh is around, but for me, and with a big thanks to Kraynick’s, biking just made sense.

In the years I rode my bike to work as a janitor, the $100 I would have spent on a monthly bus pass ended up in my pocket. Riding also enabled me to pick up overtime shifts that ended after the last bus came. It kept me warm in the cold months and saved me time spent waiting for the bus.

Today in my office job I represent service workers, many of whom are in the same position as I was in the 80’s. They have young families and are looking to save money. I want them to see biking like I did: as a savings tool (that’s also a ton of fun). Bike Pittsburgh’s work is creating a city where people feel more comfortable biking on city streets.

Bike Pittsburgh’s vision for safe, complete streets not only enables greater physical mobility, but also greater economic mobility. Couple that vision with key community spaces like Kraynick’s, and Pittsburgh will become a city where all can thrive.

Please contribute to Bike Pittsburgh’s Year End Campaign and bold vision for our city streets.


Larry Kinney


Thanks to a generous group of supporters, your tax-deductible contribution will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to a $15,000 match pool. 

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