2015: Year in Review


A pivotal year

  • 167,000+ trips on the Penn Ave bike lanes have been recorded at 12th St on the counter tracks — an average of about 707 bicycle trips per day during the summer and fall.
  • 645 volunteers helped to open 3.5 miles of our City’s streets to people and make OpenStreetsPGH a reality.
  • Mayor Peduto issued a Complete Streets executive order signaling his commitment to bring safe transportation on our streets, regardless of mode of transportation, in all 90 of Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods.
  • Put the finishing touches on spinning out Pittsburgh Bike Share, a new nonprofit which launched the Healthy Ride bike share system on May 31. Now 500 bikes are available at 50 stations across the city. These bikes were taken on 45,000 trips July, August, and September!


Infrastructure and Planning

  • 6 more miles of bike lanes and sharrows were added, bringing the total up to 73 miles, 2.6 of which are protected.
  • 591 bike parking spaces, sold through us, will be installed on public sidewalks and private property.
  • The appearance of 2 new Fixit Stations and bike pumps in the City, offering additional publicly accessible options for on-the-go maintenance.
  • 26% of all traffic on Penn Ave during the Bike to Work Day morning commute consisted of people on bikes.
  • Our 10 year analysis of Pittsburgh’s commuting trends shows a doubling of bike commuters.



  • This year we brought on a youth education program – Positive Spin! And this summer our youth, rising 4th – 7th grade Pittsburgh Public School students, biked an estimated 2,430 miles throughout the East and West Ends. Our students live in areas covering two-thirds of the District! #WeDefeatHills
  • This Fall, we rode along the North Shore trail weekly with 6th – 8th grade Positive Spin students, hailing from schools where over 90% of students qualify for free/reduced lunch.
  • We also taught 3 students to ride a bicycle this year!
  • 569 adults took our City Cycling Classes this year.


YEC_2015_Contribute_ButtonInvest in vibrant and livable streets across Pittsburgh! With your generous support we can expand our advocacy that directly makes your life better as a pedestrian and bicyclist. Please consider making tax-deductible year end gift to keep our wheels rolling!


  • Our first full season of OpenStreetsPGH drew more than 40,000 people out for 4 hours of dancing, running, bicycling, and playing on 3.5 miles of car-free streets — from Lawrenceville to Downtown — during events in May, June, and July.
  • 90 women attended the 2nd Annual Women & Biking Forum: Pedaling Together to share skills and build community.
  • Pittsburgh’s cycling community planned and took part in 75 BikeFest events over 10 days.
  • 2,609 people from across the country participated in PedalPGH, the signature BikeFest event. At the Finish Line Festival, riders devoured 660 pounds of watermelon – 55 watermelons’ worth.
  • We valeted 2,000 bikes at the Three Rivers Arts Festival, WYEP Concerts, Gallery Crawls and other bike friendly events this year.
  • A whopping 500+ riders stopped at one of BikePGH’s 5 Commuter Cafés for snacks, coffee, and fellowship on Bike to Work Day.



  • More than 50 bicyclists were pleasantly surprised by our light giveaways in Oakland and the Northside.
  • 75 businesses, large and small, joined BikePGH’s business member.
  • More than 250 community members came together to attend vigils in memory of Susan Hicks, Christine Williamson, and Hank Walker who died while walking and biking in Oakland. Another 3,000 took action online.
  • 8 Women & Biking coffees were held this year – they’re now a monthly occurrence and a great way to meet other women who ride.


BikePGH couldn’t have accomplished all of this without support. With your help, we can make 2016 an equally grand year. 



Invest in vibrant and livable streets across Pittsburgh!  With your generous support we are can expand programs and advocacy that directly make your life better as a pedestrian and bicyclist. Please consider making tax-deductible year end gift to keep our wheels rolling!

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