Women & Biking News: We’ve Been Dubbed


BikePGH’s Women & Biking Program has a new name

Bike Pittsburgh’s Women & Biking Program was founded in 2013 when we held our first Women & Biking Zine Night. The following year, the first Pittsburgh Women & Biking Forum inspired many women in our city. Programming has continued to increase, adding coffee meet ups and now a maintenance workshop to the mix! On April 2nd, 2016, we are thrilled to be hosting the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Women & Biking Forum.

That said, with all that’s happening around women & biking in Pittsburgh, this program needed a good name; thank you to everyone who dared to get creative and help us find the perfect match. The Pittsburgh Women & Biking Program is now called:

The Spinnsters

Note the two N’s. The word “spinster” is not one that has historically been used in a positive way, but we wanted to reclaim it and make it into something fun. That extra “n” puts the emphasis on SPIN and expresses our love for biking.

We look forward to seeing you at the next Spinnsters event! The maintenance workshop for January 21st is sold out, but we hope that you will join us on Wednesday, January 27th for the Spinnsters Coffee Meetup at Black Forge Coffee House at 8:00am.

Don’t forget to save the date for the 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Women & Biking Forum! 

DiscussionGroupExperiencesRidingasWomenWhen: Saturday, April 2nd
Where: University of Pittsburgh, William Pitt Union
What: Workshops, Discussions, Keynotes & Pittsburgh women who are interested in or are actively biking
Hosted by Bike Pittsburgh’s Spinnsters

Click here for a visual history of BikePGH’s Women & Biking Program


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