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New City Cycling Class Offerings April – October 2016

Imagine this:
You are biking downtown on Penn Ave’s new protected bike lanes. You need to make a left turn but are confused as to how.

You are riding in traffic and suddenly out of nowhere a really cute cat *runs* in front of you and you have to stop REALLY quickly!

Sound familiar?
You should take Confident City Cycling Class. Even if these don’t sound familiar, listen up: if you know how to ride a bike but have questions or concerns about riding in traffic, it’s a good time to take Confident City Cycling.

Learn safety techniques for navigating traffic on the earth-friendly bicycle. Practice drills and techniques taught by an instructor certified in traffic safety by the League of American Cyclists. This is a class offered across the city for cyclists who are looking to start commuting for the first time, or brush up on their skills with the guidance of experts.

Sign up for classes here:
April 3 –  Confident  City Cycling at Schenley Quad – for Women
April 16 – Confident at CLP Homewood
May 21 – Confident at CLP Allegheny
June 18 – Confident at Allentown Next Three Days Festival

Plan Ahead – look out for upcoming classes at:
July 16 – Bloomfield Saturday Market
August 20 – CLP West End
September 17 – CLP Hazelwood
October 15 – Downtown

No bike? No problem! You can use Healthy Ride, with a free code the day of your class.

*As a rule of thumb, if you cannot get off the saddle and stand up on your pedals, then you may want to practice with the personalized Fundamentals of City Cycling Class beforehand or schedule private instruction to Learn To Ride. Find out more about our other programs here: http://bikepgh.org/education/.

PIC_2016_WomenBikingSliderJoin us at the Women & Biking Forum on Saturday, April 2nd! Hosted by BikePGH’s Spinnsters, this forum aims to bring women together to celebrate bicycling, and to develop strategies to break down the barriers to bicycling that specifically affect women. Women and trans* identified people welcome to this day of workshops, keynote speakers, luncheon and more!

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  • […] Share the new Confident City Cycling Class schedule with employees – Half skills development, half group bike ride, BikePGH’s Confident City Cycling Classes teach riders the skills needed to navigate city streets by bike. Whether you plan to be an everyday commuter, or whether you ride trails on the weekends, the Confident City Cycling Classes will give you a chance to learn from a League Certified Bike Instructor at your own level. Classes taught on the third Saturday of the month, 10am-1pm. […]

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