Thurs. May 26: Negley Ave Bike Lane Public Meeting


Tell your story about riding and walking on Negley Ave

The City of Pittsburgh is proposing bike lanes along Negley Ave. The proposed project will include a “road diet” in a particularly wide and fast section of the road. A road diet is when the existing travel lanes are reduced in number or size, typically resulting in the slowing down and calming of traffic, while increasing predictability. The section that will be affected is the only part of the Negley Ave that is four lanes wide (most of the road is two lanes wide), basically encouraging drivers to speed and dangerously pass each other. The new configuration will make Negley Ave clearer for all users of the roadway, including pedestrians.

What is your experience riding or walking on Negley Ave? The City wants to know!

Two Ways to get involved and show your support

1. Attend the Public Meeting

Thursday, May 26, 6:00-7:00pm

Union Project, 801 N Negley Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

2. Write an email to Kristin Saunders, the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator

Kristin will be compiling emailed comments about the project. You can send her your ideas, experiences, concerns, praises, etc.

Your email can be as simply to say “thanks” or that you support the project.

Of particular use will be stories about your experiences riding on Negley Ave. Were you hit or had a near miss on Negley? Do you frequently experience speeding or aggressive drivers?

Please send emails to with “Negley Ave” in the subject line. Please feel free to cc us as well,


Safer Negley for All


Halving the number of lanes to cross on Negley Ave will make it easier and safer for pedestrians as well.

Notice from the City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning:

The proposed Negley Ave bike lanes will provide an important network connection. Your input throughout project development is very important to its success! The project team will be available at the meeting to answer questions and gather feedback.

Questions? Please contact Kristin Saunders, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Pittsburgh.
Phone: 412-393-0150

facebook event page:

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