Ride Virtually in PedalPGH


This is not a VR game

Can’t make it to this year’s ride but want to feel like you’re there with us? Ride virtually in PedalPGH!

We have created an opportunity for you to to support the mission of BikePGH, our biggest annual bicycle tour and fundraiser, even if you can’t make it to the event.

What does that mean?

Either you can’t make it to the ride due to injury, vacation, or something else on your calendar. Or maybe you just want to contribute to the ongoing work of BikePGH to make our streets safer and more accessible for everyone who uses them. This is an opportunity for you to support our mission AND get your PedalPGH t-shirt and water bottle.

Here are the virtual rider levels:

$35 – Virtual Rider
$50 – Virtual Rider + Become a member of BikePGH
$100 – Virtual Rider + Supporter

All Virtual Riders are eligible to receive this year’s PedalPGH T-shirt and water bottle mailed to your door. If you decide at any point that you would like to become an actual rider, your Virtual Rider donation can be upgraded to a rider registration at no cost.

Ride Virtually in PedalPGH today!

Funds raised through the PedalPGH Virtual Rider initiative all go towards Bike Pittsburgh’s advocacy, community, and education efforts to make Pittsburgh a better place for biking and walking.


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