Student Volunteer Collective Funded $10,000 to open “Pitt Bike Cave” Co-Op Space

Pitt Bicycle Collective Wins Big

On Tuesday, February 7th, Pitt Bicycle Collective won the 2017 Sustainable Solutions Competition, a $10,000 prize, organized by PittServes that will go towards starting a bike co-op on the University of Pittsburgh’s campus. As they explain it, “it is a space where community members gather to fix their bikes, get mechanic help, attend workshops/events, and receive safety materials”

Pitt Bicycle Collective’s Mission Statement

To provide students, faculty, and staff an inclusive space to repair their bicycles, receive safety and educational materials, participate in workshops, and gather as an inclusive community.

We had the chance to attend their winning pitch presentation. They did a great job of making the case for creating a bike coop on campus. They share statistics on commuting, surveys about barriers to access to bicycling, and why biking is a smart and sustainable solution.

  • According to the 2015 Make My Trip Count Commuter Survey results, 5.7% of people commute to Oakland by bike while 47.3% of people are “driving alone” to get to Oakland. They highlighted this as a target area to encourage more lonesome drivers to bike instead.
  • They surveyed people to understand why they don’t bike, and what types of programs would help them to make the leap.

Email to volunteer, get involved or donate!

Click here to view the full presentation

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