Celebrate Pi Day with BikePGH! Operation Illumination Bike Light Giveaway

Photo by Catherine Cronin, Graphic Illustration by Alex Shewczyk

Bike Light (and Pie) Giveaway!

As we spring forward and the days get longer, our morning sunrise will start later than usual. As our early morning commuters will notice, the sun is not set to rise until after 7:30 AM the week of March 12th, 2017 here in Pittsburgh.

In light of that (get it?), we are announcing a bike-light giveaway for one of our favorite days of the year: Pi Day—March 14th, 2017. Team Illumination will be installing front and rear bike lights for anyone who bikes by our pop-up location.*

What to expect?

PIE! BIKE LIGHTS! The Operation Illumination Pi Day pop-up will be located at Constellation Coffee, part of the Penn Ave corridor, heading into town. Look for us out front next to the bike corral. Constellation Coffee will generously provide pie, until supplies run out.

Since 2011 Bike Pittsburgh has been giving away hundreds of free front and rear bike lights annually. We care about riders’ safety and education, and this is one of the most direct ways that we can interact with our community to provide that assistance.

Come find us between 7am – 9 am or until supplies run out!

*Disclaimer: We will not be passing out lights, only installing them directly on unlit bikes.

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