5-Step Plan For Marvelous Bike To Work Day Events

Bike to Work Day is just around the corner, May 19th! Dozens of employers around the city use Bike to Work Day to encourage employees to try riding bikes for transportation or recreation. Promoting bike riding holds some obvious benefits to any workplace – from improved health, to a cleaner environment, to building a more fun workplace culture, to saving $$$, and more! (Check this page if you need to see the data). You can bring these benefits into your workplace by supporting bikes, and it could all start this Bike to Work Day, May 19th.

Below is BikePGH’s 5-step plan to encourage your employees to participate in Bike to Work Day  – and before long every day will be Bike to Work Day at your office!

1.Inspire employees to ride bikes on May 19th (or every day!)

  1. Hang posters to promote Bike to Work Day in a common area at your workplace.
  2. Add the event to your internal staff calendar.
  3. Encourage your employees to “Pledge to Ride” on Bike to Work Day at BikePGH’s Pledge page.
  4. Send an email to employees to highlight Bike to Work Day on May 19, and other BikePGH event’s throughout the summer (check out our HR guide for sample text and images).

2. Show them the ropes – simple, accessible education can open to door to biking

  1. Bring BikePGH in for a Bike Curious Lunch & Learn to answer employee questions about biking.
  2. Host a #LunchLoop
  3. Circulate  BikePGH’s Maps and Guides that help you safely find your way around town.
  4. Promote local bike education opportunities in the region. BikePGH has a full calendar of City Cycling Classes from April to October.

3. Create an employee bike team or club

  1. Employee bike clubs are great ways to build teams and have fun with coworkers.
  2. Create an employee bike team! Ride in PedalPGH on August 27th to compete with other business’s teams.
  3. Train together, or schedule time to ride bikes with co-workers. Is it time to start taking your meetings by bike?

4. Show me the perks! Incentivize biking for employees

  1. Host your business’s own Commuter Cafe with breakfast & goodies to welcome riders who have tried riding to work.
  2. Offer reimbursement and prizes to thank employees who ride bikes.
  3. Promote your business and employees by connecting with us on social media. Tag @bikepgh in your Twitter & Facebook posts. We’ll re-post and share!

5. Make everyday bike to work day

  1. Support safe streets and a positive bike culture by becoming BikePGH Business Member.
  2. Build community with Corporate Volunteering at BikePGH’s summer events
  3. Host a #LunchLoop for your workplace to engage your staff with a short lunchtime bike ride.
  4. Check our Employees Promotion Guide to find more events that help you to make your employees healthier, happier and more engaged.

Follow those steps and you’ll hold a Bike to Work Day event that employees will remember for years to come. (Who knows, they might even try riding when Monday rolls around too!). Stay tuned to our webpage for more info.

Click here to download the poster

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