Dan Bellon, Creative Volunteer & Designer

Volunteer Feature: Dan Bellon

When we first met Dan, we were in awe of his WWE stories and tales of major league soccer games. Despite his impressive portfolio and work background, Dan shows no signs of self-importance. Motivated by a desire to make Pittsburgh a bicycle-friendly city, he volunteers his time and talent by designing educational materials for Bike Pittsburgh.

In just a few weeks, Dan created beautiful flyers for BikePGH volunteer opportunities and City Cycling Classes  – materials that we use day in and day out to reach new members of Pittsburgh’s bicycling community. Want to learn more about Dan and his involvement with BikePGH? Keep reading!


dBellon STUDIO:

As you can see, Dan is an incredible freelance designer. If you’re looking for a skilled artist for an upcoming typography, logo, or design project, Dan’s your man. Check out his work at dbellon.com or connect with him on LinkedIn!

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