Bulk foods, seedlings, fresh produce at the East End Food Co-op

Round Up to support BikePGH when you shop at the Co-op in May. It’s Bike Month!

You’ll be surprised to know how much each $0.32 or $0.17 can add up to at the end of the month. With your call to Round Up and the support of the East End Food Co-op, BikePGH will have the opportunity to raise over $1000 during the month of May.

The East End Food Co-op has been a partner of BikePGH for so many years, supporting our past Car Free Fridays initiatives as well as Bike to Work Day! As a business member and partner, they have been incredibly supportive of our mission to make Pittsburgh friendlier for biking.

Can I Bike to the Co-op?

You sure can! Located at 7516 Mead St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208, the Co-op is connected to Pittsburgh’s many bikeways including Braddock Ave, Hamilton Ave, and Thomas Blvd connectors. You’ll find that the Co-op parking lot is outfitted with some great bicycle parking.

What will my donation support?

Your Register Round Up donation will support the growth of interconnected bikeways through BikePGH’s advocacy efforts, making for a safer, more sustainable Pittsburgh.

BikePGH serves adults and children in the greater Pittsburgh area, transforming our streets and communities into vibrant, healthy places by making them safe and accessible for people to bike and walk through advocacy, education, and community building.

Round Up at the Register May 1 – 31

What can I buy?

This store is a full service natural and organic food market that supports sustainable food and environmental responsibility. From produce to body care products to prepared foods, the East End Food Co-op offers delicious and nutritional foods.

We’ll be serving breads and fruit from the Co-op on Bike to Work Day, Friday May 19th. We look forward to seeing you there!

Bike to Work on Friday, May 19, 2017!

Bike to Work Day is a day to celebrate being one of thousands of people in Pittsburgh who rides to work! It’s also a day to give bicycle commuting a try, so join in the fun and bike to work on Friday, May 19, 2017.

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