Free Valet? You betcha. Ride your bike to the Three Rivers Arts Festival

June 2 – 11, 2017 ride your bike to Point State Park for the Three Rivers Arts Festival

10 Days of free music, art, and bike valet.

Instead of driving around in circles looking for parking and spending all of that money when you’d rather purchase some great crafts from the Three Rivers Arts Festival, ride your bike! You don’t have to ride all the way from home if you don’t want to. You have a few options to help with that:

  1. Put your bicycle on a bus
  2. Put your bike on your car, drive to a free parking spot within a mile or so of Downtown, and ride in to the bike valet
  3. Drive to free parking within a mile or so of Downtown, and take Healthy Ride.

How does a bike valet work?

We’ll tag your bicycle with a unique number and provide you with a ticket with the matching number. We’ll then park your bike in our secure area which is monitored by BikePGH staff all day. Whenever you want to retrieve your bicycle, hand us your ticket, and we’ll bring your bike back to you. It’s pretty simple!

The bike valet will be in operation from noon until about 8pm (or when the festival ends) daily from Friday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 11th, rain or shine.

Bike Valet Location

BikePGH’s bike valet will be located on Commonwealth Pl., adjacent to the Point State Park car parking lot, south of Point State Park.

Volunteer with us to help support the valet

Sign up to volunteer at this month’s Three Rivers Arts Festival and enjoy live music by award-winning artists like Rebirth Brass Band, Hippo Campus, Dawes, Fruition, Sarah Jarosz, and more!

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