New PedalPGH Workplace Team Challenge

BikePGH is excited to announce the PedalPGH Workplace Team Challenge

Does your office have what it takes? Find out by taking part in BikePGH’s new PedalPGH Workplace Team Challenge. To enter the challenge, just promote your business’s discount code to the workplace and encourage employees and their families to use it when registering.

With the 2017 PedalPGH Workplace Team challenge, using a BikePGH Business Partner promo code to register not only give you 25% off all registration fees, but also a chance to win a new bike and some free drinks.

Where can I get a discount code?

Each one of our business partners will receive a unique PedalPGH discount code. To check on your business’ BikePGH Business Membership Status, send us an email by clicking here.

First Prize

Our first prize will go to one randomly chosen employee who registers with any of the 2017 BikePGH Business Partner discount codes. That winner will take home a brand new Scott Sub-20. This is the perfect bike to start commuting on – aluminum frame, upright riding position, fenders and sturdy wheels/tires to handle all those PGH Potholes. Huge thanks to Big Bang Bikes for making this generous bike donation. 

Second Prize

The second prize will go to the workplace that creates the biggest team with the most registrations using their unique discount code. This winner will receive a $200 Southern Tier gift card to start your tab on an office happy hour. This is definitely a way to celebrate your victory in style.

More details about PedalPGH on August 27th, the region’s largest bike ride with over 3,000 riders, are available here.


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