Fireworks: Where to Watch by Bike on July 4th

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Bike to these parks and overlooks for best firework views in Pittsburgh

On Tuesday July 4th, Bike Pittsburgh will be celebrating Independence Day with a free bicycle valet at Point State Park. Festivities will be happening all day from 12pm until showtime: Fireworks begin at 9:35pm. You can find BikePGH’s bike valet adjacent to Point State Park along Commonwealth Place, and thanks to the Children’s Hospital, bike parking is free!

Where to Ride

As always, you can use BikePGH’s Pittsburgh Bike Map to help you find your way around Pittsburgh by bike. Below are some of Pittsburgh’s best places to watch the Fireworks and some directions on how to get there by bike.

It is recommended that you take the pedestrian sidewalks when crossing bridges unless there is a bike lane on the bridge. In some cases, you can expect some serious climbs, but they’re well worth the views!

Point State Park

Biking Directions to the Point State Park Bike Valet from several locations. If you’re looking for a full event experience this is the place to be. The EQT Flashes of Freedom Celebrate America event will be action packed with food, music, and more fun.

Point State Park

West End Overlook

Bike to the West End Overlook from the Northside Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Use the sidewalk on the West End Bridge, be cautious as you exit the bridge, and walk your bike across West Carson using the pedestrian signal. Follow the route down Steuben and then up the climb to the overlook.

West End Overlook

Frank Curto Park

You may have passed this park on Bigelow but never stopped. Did you know it has some great views and the sculptures are worth checking out? A lot of Bloomfielders like to go here, so check out these directions on how to bike from Bloomfield. Consider using the sidewalk as you bike over the Bloomfiled Bridge, and also be cautious on Bigelow Boulevard and please consider using the sidewalk there as well.

Frank Curto Park

Fineview Overlook

As expected, here is another good climb for you! The Fineview Overlook provides great views not just on the 4th of July, but day and night, year-round. It is best to bike to this small neighborhood (rather than drive) as it is surely a popular spot.

Fineview Overlook

Don’t forget the bridges & riverside trails

Pittsburgh has a lot of beautiful bridges and trails with lovely views day and night, so consider those as an option for fireworks watching as well. All of our bridges have sidewalks so you can ride or walk and stop to watch the fireworks celebration begin at 9:35pm on Tuesday, July 4th.

Watch fireworks from the North Shore trail or a nearby bridge

Do you have a favorite fireworks watching location in Pittsburgh? Comment on the blog to share your tips with others!

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