The City of Pittsburgh is Hiring

Assistant Director, Division of Policy, Permits and Planning

Exciting opportunity for early career professional to help make lasting and transformative change in one of America’s great legacy cities. The Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI) was created just four months ago to guide mobility and transportation policies and investments to position Pittsburgh for the future. The position will direct and grow a team of talented staff working across Departments and disciplines. The Associate Director will represent the Department in collaborations with regional partners, large employers, major research institutions and a growing number of technology firms and guide policies during a time of dramatic and dynamic change in the city and industry.

Transportation Fellow, Policy 

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is seeking a multimodal enthusiast skilled in transportation policy writing, data management, research, analysis and reporting to support and advance the City’s active transportation initiatives. As a key member of the transportation planning staff, transportation fellow will provide the background and support needed for implementation and measurement of priority bicycle and pedestrian improvements, working with stakeholders and City partners to advance these critical safety projects. Strong interest in the importance of data in project development, design and evaluation is a must. Anticipated deliverables include: department-wide policies on data collection, management and reporting; department policy and process guiding public outreach for transportation projects; and before and after studies for new bike/ped projects including user counts, perception surveys and economic impact assessment. Entry level position with initial 18-month term. Interested applicants should send indication of interest and preliminary resume to

Transportation Fellow, Engineering and Design 

The Department of Mobility and Infrastructure is seeking entry level engineers, landscape architects, or urban designers to provide support to professional engineering staff in the design and delivery of non-motorized facilities to improve safety and mobility in the City of Pittsburgh. Staff will conduct field scoping and assessment, develop conceptual designs for review, and refine designs under the direction of senior staff. Knowledge of AutoCAD is required. Anticipated deliverables include: contributions to the City’s urban street design guidelines and updated standards; recommended methodology for facility selection in different street contexts; outreach and education materials for public use of new facility types; and methodology for performance measurement and reporting.  Entry level position with initial 18-month term. Interested applicants should send indication of interest and preliminary resume to

Mobility Policy Analyst 

Position will report to the new Associate Director of Policy, Planning and Permitting. Great entry level position for college graduate (Master’s Degree preferred). Anticipated initiatives include developing policy for autonomous and connected vehicles, establishing TDM policies to promote mode shift, enhancing City’s capabilities for data-informed transportation decision-making and performance tracking; a range of public realm policies and multiple other objectives. Interested applicants should send indication of interest and preliminary resume to

Engineer Project Manager

Senior engineer position overseeing a number of complex projects including TIGER-funded highway cap to support a new signature park for the city, municipal bridges, urban steps, and other structural projects. Project Manager will oversee all aspects of project design and delivery, overseeing a small team of project design staff. Project Manager will liaison with senior leadership across the city and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. PE in the State of Pennsylvania is required. Interested applicants should send indication of interest and preliminary resume

Staff Engineer or Engineering Tech III 

Entry level professional engineer position to support complex engineering and infrastructure projects in the City of Pittsburgh. Projects include street design and reconstruction, bridges, walls, trails steps and/or traffic engineering and operational design. Staff Engineer/Engineering Tech will work under the direction of an Engineer Project Manager within the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure. Interested applicants should send indication of interest and preliminary resume to

Assistant Director, Finance

Work across agencies and Departments in the planning and administration of the City’s revenue forecasting, analytics, collections, and tax compliance functions. The Assistant Director in the Department of Finance coordinates the development and implementation of revenue-related policies and procedures; oversees the planning and management of improvements in departmental systems and business processes; and supports strategic financial management functions including debt issuance and management.

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