These streets belong to our children who deserve a safe path to class

Positive Spin after school bike ride

Pedal On & Pay it Forward, like DeVaughn 

Your contribution to BikePGH enables after-school cycling instructors like DeVaughn to lead programs for underserved youth that foster their strength and independence.

BikePGH is fundraising to keep these impactful programs expanding with a goal of reaching $30,000 by December 31st. You are an important part of this chain of educating youth and families.

A note from DeVaughn:

Being a black male who’s from their community, I’m proud to be a youth instructor providing safe cycling knowledge to kids.


That’s something I didn’t have growing up.

Through BikePGH’s Positive Spin program, my students learn how to operate bikes safely and navigate through city streets, trails, and parks.

I also have the chance to mentor these middle-schoolers on how to impact change in their own community through advocacy projects.

That’s something I’m really happy to pass on, and I know that the take-home is even greater because the students pass it on to their friends and family.

Join me in contributing to our youth cycling program by supporting Bike Pittsburgh’s year end giving campaign.

Together, we can get more kids on bikes.

DeVaughn Rodgers
Education Program Coordinator, BikePGH

Yes, I want to support Pittsburgh youth!

PS. Your gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000 thanks to a generous donor, Lynsie Campbell, CEO of LaneSpotter. Make your contribution today.


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