Positive Spin presents “Youth Education: Paving the Road to Freedom” At National Bike Summit 2018

Positive Spin rolls down to DC

This March, BikePGH’s education program will be speaking on a panel at the National Bike Summit in Washington DC. This is another great opportunity for our team to get out and speak on the success of our educational programing and how it has adapted to address the needs of the community through community partners reaching out to work with us.

Specifically the presentation will address how bike education can be used as a tool for empowerment. Moderating the panel is Renée Moore, Outreach Coordinator for Washington Area Bicycling Association. Joining us on the panel is Steve Durrant, Vice President, Alta Planning + Design Portland, Oregon and Anthony Taylor.

We will be speaking on our success with BikePGH’s Positive Spin – Earn a Bike Program held at the 412 Youth Zone and the story of how it began, going through various trials and iterations, before becoming the program that it is today. Steve will be speaking on his work with the Seattle Region’s Major Taylor Project and the success in the construction of a bicycle playground built in an underused city park located.

In 2016, BikePGH adapted its successful Positive Spin youth cycling program to meet the needs of young people aging out of foster services, through a partnership with ACTION-Housing at My Place. The program delivers Positive Spin curriculum and brand new bikes and commuter accessories to its graduates.

In Pennsylvania, approximately 1,500 youth age out of foster care each year, left essentially to fend for themselves or become homeless. These youth are at a crucial stage in their lives; on the brink of adulthood, they are in great need of building a stable life but need support and a strong foundation in order to do so. Bike education through the Positive Spin program paves the road to a better chance of building that foundation.

The goal of this panel is not just to highlight the success of the program but to raise awareness of the WHY in all of this. The reason why we do all of this is just as, if not more, important than the action that comes from that. Both organizations are actively using their passion for biking to bring resources that promote positive growth, freedom, and independence in communities that normally go underserved. The road to true freedom and independence can be rough and filled with steep hills, cracks, and potholes. We believe that with proper education and the right tools the youth will have the skills to overcome those obstacles and more opportunities to pave an even better road for the generation to come.   

Panel info:

Date: Monday, March 5th
Time: 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM (90 mins)
Event: National Bike Summit, hosted by the League of American Bicyclists
Location: Renaissance Washington DC Hotel, Meeting Room 15


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