Three reasons why you should bike to work & nine bad excuses

Give Bike Commuting a try on May 18

Bike to Work Day is a day to celebrate being one of thousands of people in Pittsburgh who rides to work! It’s also a day to give bicycle commuting a try, so join in the fun and bike to work on Friday, May 18, 2018.

Don’t miss out on you best opportunity to get in shape, do your part to help the environment, and save money.  It’s a great time to try biking to work because May is National Bike Month, May 14–18 is National Bike to Work Week, and May 18 is Bike to Work Day.

In case that does not persuade you, here are three reasons why you should bike to work and nine excuses that make no sense.

3 Reasons Why You Should Try to Bike to Work

1. Save Mega $$$

Every mile you ride by bike will save you some money. How many different ways does bike commuting save money? Not spending money on gas (esp. with rising gas prices), your car will have less wear and tear if you’re not driving it, and free parking for bikes. Save cash and ride bikes!

2. It’s Healthy

Cycling makes you sweat, sweat is the result of working muscles, working muscles burn energy, and fat is energy. So embrace the sore legs, the sweat, and especially the hill(s) on your way to work. If you’re time-crunched by trying to balance work and fitness, bike commuting is a great way multitask.

3. Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Sitting inside all day is exhausting. It’s bad for both physical and mental health. The worst thing you can do after sitting in your office all day is sit in traffic for another hour. So why not hop on your bike?

9 Bad Excuses


1. It’s too far to go by bike

It doesn’t matter what transportation mode you pick, the distance doesn’t change. Have you considered dividing your commute into bus + cycling or even car + cycling?


2. I’m not fit enough

When will you be, if you are not riding your bike right now? Commuting is a great way to get more fit. Just don’t overdo it at first. You can ease in by splitting up your trip with multiple transportation modes.

3. There are hills on my route

Are you worried about not making it all up the hill? Don’t worry about that! There is absolutely no shame in walking or taking a bus.

4. I don’t have a nice bike

I don’t have a nice bike. There, I fixed it for you. Any bike that brakes, has lights, and is not falling apart is qualified to be used for commuting. PLUS Healthy Ride has free bike rides all day!

5. There is no bicycle rack or storage at my workplace

Just put your bike next to your desk. You could ask for a room/place to store or lock your bike. Did you know Bike Pittsburgh can assist with supplying and installing bike racks and rooms? Contact us at Also, please learn how to lock your bike right to protect it from theft.

6. I’m faster by car

If you’re in the city and your commute is crawling with daily traffic jams, ask yourself: would I rather enjoy pedaling down the trail on two wheels?

7. My work requires me to dress up and smell nice

Bring a change of clothes, dry shampoo, cleansing wipes, a comb, and other personal grooming items to make you feel your best! You can also get a membership to the local YMCA, recreation center or gym & use the showers there after your ride. Take the bus in to work, and bike home on a Healthy Ride bike so you won’t break a sweat until work is over. Ask your employer about becoming more Bicycle Friendly by working with BikePGH to install bicycle racks, bring a #LunchLoop to your office, or sponsor our work.

8. I have to bring things every day

Do you really need to bring them every day or could they be stored at the office? There are a lot rear racks, baskets and other option to haul things by bike. If its a lot and its heavy you could consider a ‘bakfiets’ or a cargo bike. Learn more about how to carry things by bike.

9. But the weather is …

For cold weather it is all about what you are wearing. There is a Norwegian saying that goes: “Cold does not exist, bad clothing does.” Gloves, a balaclava, ski-socks and good shoes get you a long way*.

For rain there are many options, but covering your feet and wearing waterproof clothing help a lot. Riding a bike with an umbrella is discouraged. Covering your backpack is a good addition and is encouraged*.

*You might need to ask around or spend some money.

Gear Up For Bike To Work Day

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