Bike Theft is Rampant. Do these three things to keep your bike safe.

We’ve received numerous reports of bike theft this year–don’t be the next victim

As biking becomes more popular, so does bike theft. We don’t want you to lose access to your mode of transportation, so please do the following things to keep your bike safe. It has been reported that even heavy-duty bike locks like U-locks are being cut to obtain bicycles.

1. Register your bicycle–it’s free!

Through BikePGH, you can register your bike for free with The Bike Index. Just visit our I <3 My Bike page, enter your and your bike’s info, and it’ll be kept in a secure place. If your bike is ever stolen, you can report it stolen through The Bike Index, a national database of bicycles. If you ever see BikePGH at a community event, we can help you register your bicycle on-site.

Also, take a picture of your bike and any unique features to help further identify your bicycle in the case of theft.

2. Lock it Right

Use a U-lock as your primary lock. They are strong and require power tools to cut, whereas chains and cables are easier to snip.

  • Your frame is the most valuable part of your bike. Secure your frame.
  • Use a U-Lock as your primary lock. Cables can be used as secondary security for wheels and other removable parts.
  • Lock to permanent fixtures such as a bike rack. Signs may be loose. Railings may be broken. Trees may be cut (not to mention repeated locking to trees harms them).  Do yourself a favor and double check that what you’re locking to is locked to the ground.
  • Don’t leave your bike in one place for long amounts of time. Unscrupulous eyes may be coveting a bike that’s locked in the same place day after day.

3. Keep your bike indoors when possible

If your apartment, office, school, or otherwise allows you to bring your bicycle inside, it is recommended that you bring it inside. Once your bicycle is inside, be sure to secure it. Shared buildings like apartments and offices may seem secure enough, but often times bicycle theft occurs in these private places.

Other things you can do:

Use caution when buying a bike second hand, for example, through Craigslist. Be sure to ask the seller about the bike’s history. You don’t want to buy a stolen bike.

If your bike gets stolen, follow the following steps:

  1. If you registered your bike with BikePGH through the Bike Index and need help getting your serial number, contact us at or 412-325-4334. If you registered with us we can help get the word out.
  2. Contact the police to let them know about the theft. Provide them with details about your bicycle, including make, model, serial number, and identifying features
  3. Notify pawn shops, bike shops that sell used bikes, and search Craigslist for your bike.
  4. You can also get help from the bicycling community by posting to the BikePGH message board and posting to our Facebook page.

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