Operation Illumination Bike Light giveaway on October 22

Making our streets safer by providing lights to lightless riders

On Monday, October 22, Bike Pittsburgh will be hosting another Operation Illumination Bike Light giveaway! Since 2011 Bike Pittsburgh has been giving away hundreds of free front and rear bike lights annually with it’s Operation Illumination program.

BikePGH cares about riders’ safety and education, and this is one of the most direct ways that we can interact with our community to provide that assistance. Join BikePGH in giving back to the cycling community and make a contribution to the Operation Illumination program today.($30 is the cost of one set of lights for an unlit rider.)

Riding without lights not only makes bicyclists near-invisible in the dark, but it is also a ticketable offense. PA state law requires that a front light and rear reflector be visible after dusk and before dawn, but this helps increase and improve visibility. Lightless riding is risky, and whether people are simply unaware or they cannot afford lights, we want to be sure that they are covered. That’s why BikePGH has four planned bike light giveaways occurring in 2018.

This year of bike light giveaways is made possible due to the generous donation by Highmark and 5801 Video Lounge and Café who have noticed the lack of lights on cyclists and wanted to help support getting more lights out to people.

Cyclists who stop by will also be sent off with BikePGH’s Biking 101 Guide (a graphic comic which tells you the basics of biking safely in the city of bridges) and the Pittsburgh Bike Map

What to expect?

BIKE LIGHTS!  The Operation Illumination pop-up will be located on Forbes and Morewood on the Carnegie Mellon University campus. Look for us on the corner.  BikePGH staff and volunteers will be installing bike lights until time or supplies run out. Unsuspecting unlit cyclists will be flagged down and called over so we can install front and rear light sets on their bikes.

Event Details:

Where: The intersection of Forbes and Morewood
When:  October 22, 2018
Time:  6 PM to 8:30 PM (or until supplies run out)
Disclaimer: We will not be passing out lights, only installing them directly on unlit bikes. We want to really make sure we are giving to people who can’t afford them. With that, Please be sure to bring your UNLIT bikes, we cannot install the lights without there being a bike to install it to. 

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