Where the Bike Lane Ends: Billy’s Commute

Dreaming of a Bike Highway

Extending the Penn Ave bike lanes will serve more Lawrenceville residents like Billy, who rides his bike through the Strip every day to get to work. Watch Billy’s story above to learn about his daily commuting experience.

Getting to the city is a breeze getting home is a nightmare. That’s why we’ve launched our #ExtendPenn campaign. Making the Penn Ave. bikeway on-ramp into a bike highway will reduce the traffic burden that the new developments and autonomous vehicles have created. Providing safe and connected bikeways and sidewalks will ensure that jobs and amenities are available to all, regardless of the ability to pay for a car.

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It's been four years since the City installed the popular Penn Ave bike lanes. However, they end at 16th St, where riders are confronted with chaotic traffic patterns, aggressive drivers, trucks, and now, a constant stream of Autonomous Vehicles. I support extending the Penn Ave Bike Lanes into the surrounding neighborhoods!
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