Breakout Sessions for Women & Non-Binary Forum Announced

Please Join us at the Women & Non-Binary Biking Forum on April 6th

We are incredibly excited to be hosting the 6th Annual Women & Non-Binary Biking Forum on Saturday, April 6th. Because WMNBikePGH aims to create a safe and inclusive cycling space for trans and cis women, intersex people, non-binary, agender, and gender nonconforming folks, as well as those whose identities and presentation fall outside of the dominant conceptions of gender, this event continues to evolve in order to best fit the needs of the communities we serve.

Event Schedule

We’ve got a fresh, new lineup for this year’s forum, so if you’re considering joining us for this fun-filled day or are already signed up, read on to learn about the different breakout sessions and activities offered.

Looking to recenter? Look no further than our morning yoga flow with YogaRoots On Location.

Check-in starts bright and early on Saturday morning (fear not, we’ll have plenty of coffee available), and Felicia Savage Friedman, founder of YogaRoots on Location, will kick off the day with a rejuvenating early morning yoga session. A few mats will be available onsite, but you are encouraged to bring your own! After grabbing some breakfast, join us in welcoming this year’s keynote speaker, Monique G. López, a trailblazing social justice planner and policy advocate from Southern California. Click here to read our Q&A session with Monique, and learn about how cycling has impacted their life.

Equity for All: Panel & Workshop

Facilitated by BikePGH’s Community Organizer Anna Tang, it will feature panelists including: City of Pittsburgh’s Transportation Planner, Angie Martinez and Healthy Ride’s Community Initiatives Manager, Heather McClain.

They will speak on policy changes, decisions and community organizing, which will be followed by a workshop session focusing on reaching underrepresented voices in mobility advocacy and proactively increasing social engagement in local government processes through education.

The goal of this session is to hear directly from people on the ground, as well as hands-on activities aimed at giving individuals the chance to share their lived experiences with commuting, whether it be on bike, public transportation, driving, or by foot.

Breakout Sessions (Pick one): Bike Diagnosis & Care or Choosing Bikes and Gear

Participants will then have the choice to attend one of two workshops during the second breakout session. The first, Bike Diagnosis & Care, will consist of a demo by BikePGH board member Karen Brooks followed by a Q&A discussion. Learn how to recognize and fix some basic bike issues, along with the tools and gear needed to keep your bike in shape.

The second is the Choosing Bikes and Gear panel, followed by a Q&A session. This session features three local experts to talk about bike fit (Julie Saeler), gender-specific bike gear (with Sandi Petrie, REI) and choosing equipment that fits and prepares you for all types of weather conditions. Donna Hetrick, joining us from Positive Spin at Obama Academy 6-12, will share and explain her commuting what to wear weather chart that provides instant clarity on decision-making when getting dressed during any weather condition.

Lunch Break & Networking

If you’re planning on joining us for lunch, make sure to specify any dietary restrictions upon registration, so that the chef will have your needs covered. When you sit down to eat, you may choose to sit at a table with a topic that you’d like to talk through with other forum-goers. Discussion table topics will include: Advocacy, Racing, Youth Empowerment, Equity, Gear Talk, Family Biking, LGBTQIA+, reproductive rights, the primaries, and more. There will also be a few short lunch time speeches about bike racing and more, as well as resource tables provided by Planned Parenthood of Western PA and Healthy Ride Bike Share!

Breakout Sessions (Pick one): DIY Bikes ‘n’ Crafts or Self-Love Body Care workshop

Our final breakout group also consists of two options, the first being a DIY Bikes ‘n’ Crafts workshop led by teaching textile artist Khadijat Yussuff. Learn how to use reclaimed materials to craft your own bike cap for wear under a helmet or just on its own. There will also be other DIY bikes & crafts available to make at this hands-on session with University of Pittsburgh’s Bike Cave, such as make your own bike tire belts, inner tube bow ties, bracelets, and inner tube wallets.

Alternately, we’re also hosting a Self-Love Body Care workshop facilitated by Dr. Cynthia L. Hill of Third Day Soaps Garden. This Make & Take session will disburse valuable information on how to use natural herbs and ingredients to keep yourself healthy and feeling your best. Learn how to create your own personal care product, and take your own bike balm home with you, or gift to a friend in need of self-care!

Celebratory bike ride

This action-packed day concludes with a post-event ride to commemorate new friendships, shared experiences, and education about cycling in the community. The no-drop celebratory ride will be riding at a maximum of 10 mph, so no one gets left behind. If you aren’t bringing your own bicycle, you’ll have the option to borrow a Healthy Ride bike.

Want more? Check out our next-day Confident City Cycling Class!

The next day, we will also be hosting a Women & Non-Binary Confident City Cycling Class on Sunday, April 7th at 1pm outside the Ace Hotel, which you can register for whether or not you’re able to make it to the forum on Saturday. Join us for a 3-hour session focusing on increasing skills and practicing advanced techniques for riding in traffic. We hope to see you there!

Full Schedule Breakdown

7:30am – 10:00am: Check-In Available & Coffee
8:00am – 8:45am: YogaRoots on Location Class: Felicia Savage Friedman
8:30am – 9:30am: Breakfast
9:30am – 10:30am: Opening Words and Keynote Speaker Monique G. López, Pueblo Planning
10:45am – 11:30am: Breakout Session 1: Equity for All with Angie Martinez, Transportation Planner, City of Pittsburgh; Heather McClain, Community Initiatives Manager, Healthy Ride; Anna Tang, Community Organizer, BikePGH
11:45am – 12:30pm: Breakout Sessions 2: Bike Diagnosis & Care with Karen Brooks, Mountain Bike Instructor and Mechanics; or Choosing Bikes & Gear with Julie Saeler, Trek Precision Fit Level 2 trained bike fitter; Sandi Petrie, REI Bike Mechanic; and Donna Hetrick, Positive Spin Ambassador, Obama Academy 6-12
12:30pm – 1:30pm: Lunch; short speeches and resource tables
1:45pm – 2:30pm: Breakout Sessions 3: Bikes ‘n’ Crafts with Khadijat Yussuf, Shop mọnamọna and Ange Urban, Pitt Bike Cave; or Self Love Body Care with Dr. Cynthia L. Hill, Third Day Soaps Garden
2:45pm – 3:45pm: Post-Event Celebratory Ride

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