ACTION ALERT: Legalize Parking Protected Bike Lanes in Pennsylvania

A Parking Protected Bike Lane in Chicago

Urgent! Contact Committee Members and ask them to move the bill.

When it comes to building bike infrastructure, PennDOT and Pennsylvania cities and towns lack the ability to install parking protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas.

Parking Protected Bike Lanes use parked cars to physically separate pedestrians and people on bikes from car traffic. However, the PA Vehicle Code requires cars to be parked within 12” of the curb. We need to legalize Parking Protected Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Plazas so that Pennsylvanians can benefit from these proven, life saving tools and keep pedestrians and bicyclists safe!

Several parked car protected projects in Pittsburgh, York and Philadelphia have been put on hold or have had to water down their designs due to this problem, but we can do something about it.

There are bipartisan companion bills in both the Pennsylvania House and Senate Transportation Committees to make parking protected plazas and bike lanes legal.

But things tend to move slowly in Harrisburg, so we need you to contact the members of the House and Senate Transportation committees and ask them to move the bills for a committee vote.

Take Action! Write an e-mail to House and Senate Committee Members Today!

The bills are called Protected Pedestrian Plazas and Pedalcycle Lanes, HB792 in the House, and SB565 in the Senate.

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