Parking Protected Bike Lanes Cross First Hurdle, but we’re not done yet!

Rep. Dan Frankel, a cosponsor of HB792, checking out a petition to support Parking Protected Bike Lanes during Bike To Work Day in Oakland

We’re one step closer, but we need you to keep the pressure on!

The push to change the PA Vehicle code to allow Parking Protected Bike Lanes on PennDOT roads (HB792) is one step closer to reality. Multiple visits to Harrisburg, over 700 constituent emails to State Reps and Senators, letters from advocacy organizations and from the Mayors of Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Lancaster and Philadelphia is working!

On Monday, the House Transportation Committee voted unanimously to approve HB792, a major hurdle toward approval. We now expect a vote in the full PA House of Representatives.

In short, due to a technicality in the current PA Vehicle Code, cars must be parked 12 inches from a curb. HB792 will slightly alter the code to allow them to park 12 inches from a painted buffer – thus allowing for Parking Protected Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Plazas.

In partnership with the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, we launched a campaign to legalize this tool and give planners the same flexibility in street design that most other states already have. Parking Protected Bike Lane projects are on hold in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, York, and Philadelphia due to this technicality in the vehicle code.

A Parking Protected Bike Lane in Chicago

Call your PA Representative TODAY!

Your advocacy is working! Now that it passed the Transportation Committee, we expect the Full House of Representatives to take a vote on this bill during the week of June 24, and they need to hear from you.

Call your State Representative! It’s easy!

  1. Search: Find your State Representative
  2. Call and Say: “Please vote YES on HB792 to allow Parking Protected Bike Lanes. We need the flexibility to design safe bike lanes in Pennsylvania’s Cities and Towns. HB792 is a technical fix that allow Pennsylvania to make streets safe for everyone.”

If your State Representative is one of the following, please THANK THEM for cosponsoring HB792!
Dan Frankel (D) Allegheny County
Sara Innamorato (D) Allegheny County
Adam Ravenstahl (D) Allegheny County
Mark Longietti (D) Mercer County

Next stop: Senate Transportation Committee

Timing is key. Please stay tuned to our site for a future Action Alert targeting the Pennsylvania Senate to pass their companion bill, SB565.

In the meantime, feel free to THANK your Pittsburgh-area PA Senators who cosponsored the Senate version of the bill.
Jay Costa (D) Allegheny County
Wayne Fontana (D) Allegheny County
Lindsey Williams (D) Allegheny County

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