50 Years? City is looking for your ideas to create its 2070 Transportation Vision Plan

Taken from the Vision Plan Website

In 50 years, what will transportation in Pittsburgh look like?

Over the past few decades Pittsburgh has faced a population decline due to many factors like the changing economy and industry. However, the City is now seeing a resurgence in both its population and economy. What does this growth mean for the City’s transportation network?

Until recently, the City of Pittsburgh had very few staff dedicated to the planning and visioning of getting around town. This changed in 2017, when the City created the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure (DOMI). This new department expanded capacity and gave the City the ability to take a more proactive approach to its planning and visioning efforts around transportation.

A vision for Pittsburgh’s future

Right now, DOMI is planning 50 years into the future by launching a 2070 Transportation Vision Plan and wants as many residents as possible to provide input and feedback. They want you to imagine what the future of transportation could look like for Pittsburgh, no idea is too big or too small.

The 2070 Transportation Vision Plan will incorporate current DOMI initiatives like the Bike Plan, Pedestrian Safety Action Plan, and Complete Streets Design Guidelines.

2070 Transportation Vision Plan Objective

According to the website, “the objective of the 2070 Transportation Vision Plan is to identify where and how people need and want to travel. [They] want to develop an ambitious and far-reaching vision plan for a complete and connected network capable of sustainably supporting a revitalized Pittsburgh. This plan will also help identify a tactical and strategic two-year action agenda to direct DOMI’s activities and investments to advance on stated goals and make incremental progress toward implementation of the long-range vision.”

This summer and fall you can find DOMI’s team at over 30 community events to gather feedback for the vision plan.

Transportation Ideas:

How do you envision Pittsburgh’s future transportation?

Four Ways to Get Involved:

(1) Take the 2070 Transportation Survey
(2) Leave comments in the interactive online map
(3) Attend a community feedback session
(4) Invite DOMI to come to your community

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