2019 Year In Review

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Together we can put people first in transportation planning and continue to take strides to connect our communities. We cannot continue the work we do without generous donors like you.

2019 Highlights Include:

  • Nearly 1,000 youth and adults learned safe riding skills through our education programs
  • Over 1,000 trips have been taken on the Penn Ave bike lane
  • Over 60,000 people participated OpenStreetsPGH, our free event series that opens miles of streets to people of all ages and abilities

Infrastructure, Planning, & Policy


  • In 2019, we educated nearly 500 people in our City Cycling program, including expanding our adult education to more women and non-binary people, immigrants, refugees, non-native English speakers, and veterans.
  • Our educational how-to videos were watched more than 87,000 times.
  • Positive Spin has expanded and is now undergoing remodeling. We are creating and testing a new version of our program that will engage students during school hours. The goal is to bring cycling education to all students during school. This new form of programming is projected to serve over  200 students by the end of fall 2019.
  • Despite the loss of a week and a half of programming, our Summer Dreamers Academy students each rode upwards to 200 miles over the summer.
  • Since we developed the Positive Spin toolkita guide to starting your own youth bike program, we have presented the toolkit via the train-the-trainer model to 6 national audiences and 5 local. Our goal is to increase the number of schools and community groups offering bike education to youth both during and after school here in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.


  • Our 6th Women and Biking Forum brought in keynote speaker Monique G. López to inspire and address over 100 attendees.
  • OpenStreetsPGH brought over 60,000 people to over 12 miles of Car-Free streets.
  • The East Liberty, Shadyside, Homewood, Point Breeze route measured 4.5 miles long – our longest route ever, while we estimate 25,000 attended the route through Lawrenceville, Strip District, and Downtown.
  • With over 2,800 riders and generous support from the sponsorship community, the 26th Annual PedalPGH raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for our mission.
  • The Positive Spin Alumni & Friends Slow Roll Series peddled off for its second season. This year our ridership more than quadrupled with 104 riders over three rides this summer.
  • We launched a new pedestrian-focused event series – Steps We Take – which brought together the communities of Polish Hill, Fineview, Troy Hill, and the West End to celebrate Pittsburgh’s vast network of city steps. Over 1500 attendees got to experience the steps in a new way and left empowered with information on how to advocate for their community’s unique infrastructure.

Membership and Community

  • Finally, we get to talk about you, and there are a lot of you! BikePGH now was 3,400 donor-members who support safe streets. Not a member? Join today!
  • 406 people became sustaining members, contributing $5 or more per month towards safe streets.
  • Our Seasonal Outreach Associates worked over 50 events, in over 20 neighborhoods, engaging and educating thousands of Pittsburghers.
  • Women and Non-Binary Program hosted 7 bike rides, 11 coffee meet-ups, and the 6th Annual Women & Non-Binary Forum.
  • BikePGH’s Business Member Network includes over 80 businesses.
  • 350 individuals volunteered over 2000 hours. Whether attending our monthly volunteer nights, helping out at events like OpenStreetsPGH and PedalPGH, supporting our advocacy efforts, or working with our education programs, volunteer support has been crucial to our success!

2020 At a Glance

  • Women & Non-Binary Summit
  • Bike to Work Day: Friday, May 15
  • OpenStreetsPGH presented by UPMC Health Plan: Last weekend of May, June, and July
  • UPMC Health Plan PedalPGH: Sunday, Aug 30th
  • Slow Roll events

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