Bike Infrastructure Through the Decade 2009-2019

24 to 70: A Decade of Change

Over the past decade, about 70 miles of on-street bike infrastructure have been added around the City of Pittsburgh. Way back in 2009, only 24 miles of bike infrastructure had been installed on City streets, made up of 19 miles of bike lanes and 5 miles of shared bike lane markings. By 2019, the City boasts 56 bike lane miles, 33 miles of shared lane markings, and 5 miles of protected bike lanes. Take a look at how far Pittsburgh has come in providing better biking through the decade.

Timeline of Bike Infrastructure from 2009-2019

Drag your mouse over the timeline below to hop around the years and zoom in and out to see the roads and what kind of infrastructure was added. If you want a list of the streets you can read our history page

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2009: 7 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Bike Lane on Wightman Ave

Bike Lane on Beacon Ave

Bike Lane on Forbes Ave

Sharrows were added on:

  • Penn Ave
  • Forbes Ave

2010: 5.5 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Bike Lane on Dallas Ave

Bike Lane on Wilkins Ave

Sharrows were added to:

  • Highland Ave
  • Hamilton Ave

2011: 10 miles of bike infrastructure

Bike lane on Liberty Ave

Bike lane on Millvale Ave

Sharrows were added to:

  • Friendship Ave.
  • Millvale Ave.
  • Centre Ave.
  • Neville St.
  • Ellsworth Ave.
  • Merchant St.
  • Brighton Rd.
  • Penn Ave.

2012: 17 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Bike Lane on W. Ohio St,

Bike Lane on Brighton Rd

Bike Lane on Friendship Ave

Bike Lane on Neville Ave

Bike Lane on Butler St.

Bike Lane on Thomas.

Sharrows were put in on:

  • E. Carson St.
  • Ellsworth Ave.
  • E. Ohio St.
  • Reynolds
  • Meade
  • Homewood Ave

2013: 5.97 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Bike Lane on S Bouquet St

Bike Lane and Sharrows on Brereton St.

Bike Lane and Sharrows on Braddock Ave

Bike Lane on Mairdale

Bike Lane on Pocusset

Sharrows were added to:

  • Sennot St
  • Meyran Ave
  • Coltart
  • Dobson
  • Atwood St
  • Highland

2014: 7 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Bike Lane on Negley Run

Protected Bike Lane on Penn Ave

Protected Bike Lane on Schenley Dr

Protected Bike Lane on Saline St

Sharrows were added on Morewood Ave

2015: 6 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Bike Lane on 6th

Bike Lane on Federal St

Protected Bike Lane on Roberto Clemente

Bike Lane and Sharrows on 40th St

Bike Lane and Sharrows on O’Hara

Bike Lane on East Street

Sharrows were added on Howard Street

2016: 4 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Bike Lane on One Wild Pl

Bike Lane on E Ohio St

Bike Lanes were extended on East St. and Federal St.

2017: 6.6 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Parking protected bike lane and bike lane on Forbes Ave

Bike lane and sharrows on Phineas St

Bike Lane on Allegheny Circle

Bike Lane and sharrows on Negley Ave

Bike Lane on Bigelow Blvd

Bike lane on Greenfield Rd

Photo taken from City’s Twitter Account

The bike lane on Federal Street was also extended.

2018: 1/2 Mile of Bike Infrastructure

Bike lane and Sharrows on 3rd Ave

2019: 5.5 Miles of Bike Infrastructure

Protected Bike Lane on Blair St and Hazelwood Ave in the new Hazelwood Green

Photo taken from Hazelwood Green Twitter @HazelwoodGreen

Bike lane on Forbes Ave

Bike Lane on Broad St

The Bike lane on East Street was also extended.

2020 and Beyond

This is just the beginning of making Pittsburgh’s bike network complete, intuitive, and functional. In early 2020, the City will be releasing their newest bike plan and will be starting plans to work on making the City as accessible and connected for everyone.



Want to get more involved with making Pittsburgh better for biking and walking? Become a bike/ped advocate. There are over 20 neighborhood bike/ped committees across the City and surrounding municipalities.

You can find a complete list of them here. You can always start your own committee too! Email for more information.

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