Wolf Administration Clarifies Bike Repair as Essential Businesses

BikePGH worked with Philly counterpart and local bike shops to keep doors open

On Friday March 20, the Wolf Administration came out with their list of essential, life-sustaining businesses that could stay open during the COVID-19 outbreak. Noticing that car repair shops were named, but bike shops were not, we took immediate action.

BikePGH worked with Southeastern PA counterparts at the Philly Bike Coalition and our local bike shops to advocate for clarification to this executive order. Enforcement of this regulation was scheduled to begin Mon, Mar 23rd. 

Specifically BikePGH’s advocacy team reached out to the state officials and asked for clarification about whether or not bike shops are considered under the category of “Other services > Repair and Maintenance > Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance,” “Support activities for road transportation,” or “Other general merchandise stores.” 

BikePGH staff also coordinated with bike shops to create additional individual requests in accordance with the form the state created to apply for “essential” status.

As a result of our collective advocacy, the Wolf Administration confirmed  what we have known all along, that bicycle repair is an essential business keeping our citizens moving. 

This weekend, the The Wolf Administration clarified their policy and included bike repair as essential life-supporting businesses. At this time bike shops are permitted to be open for repairs, but should be closed for sales according to the executive order. 

Thank you to all of our local bike shops for continuing to reevaluate their situations and making improvements to their modified processes as they’ve seen fit. 

Click here to see what bike shops are open.

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