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There are some big changes for BikeFest for 2017:

  1. There will not be an “official BikePGH BikeFest Party” instead the Wheel Mill will be hosting a shindig on Saturday to close out the first day of rides and events.
  2. In order to get more folks to rides we will have a highlighted Short List of weekend rides.  All rides will be posted in the Google calendar, but only certain events falling on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be considered for social media and marketing promotion in a highlight calendar.
  3. 3 Weekends Long!  We are adding a weekend to make the most of all the great things bicycling this August.
  4. We ask that you submit a “backup” date to avoid similar rides / events / programs from happening at the same time.

Need help planning a ride? Check out our planning a group ride guide!

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Submit your 2017 BikeFest Ride Here

(Deadline is July 16th, 2017)

The BikeFest Advisory Committee, a small group of volunteers, will be selecting the Short List of highlighted rides/events to work together for an amazing three weekends of riding bikes in Pittsburgh. We are looking for a variety of rides to cover a diverse group of riders covering several categories, from family friendly to advanced, from mountain biking to urban riding to special bike-related events. You can see more details on the submission form.

Need some inspiration?

Here are a few examples of events that have already made the cut:

It’s time to put on your thinking caps and figure out what bike events might draw interest from the Pittsburgh bike community and beyond! We highly encourage collaboration with existing groups and nonprofits, even non-biking groups that may have a hook for a ride, but lack the expertise to create a route.

If your ride makes it on the highlight list of events, you will receive a BikeFest Ride Leader T-shirt.

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