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Since 2008, BikePGH has helped hundreads of businesses build productive workplace cultures that promote active forms of transportation and recreation. These environments are places where employees are healthier, happier, more creative and more engaged.

We all know the great environmental, economic, and health benefits of biking; but the truth is that bikes are just plain fun. When people are active and smiling, they’re more productive, more social, and more willing to be part of the team. Whether employees are biking to work, or biking on the weekends, their energy is contagious. As you’ll quickly learn, having a bikes around the office is better for the bottom line.

Here’s what we have to offer:

#LunchLoop July


Want to incorporate a short team building activity into your work day? BikePGH can bring a LunchLoop to your office anytime from May to October. It’s no-sweat, no-stress, 30-minute lunch ride.  Email our to learn more.

lunch and learn

BikePGH Lunch & Learn

These hourlong discussions can cover everything from bike communing, to ride preparation, to route selection, to bike maintenance. Employees bring questions and they leave with answers. Contact to learn more.

biz volunteer

Corporate Volunteering

By giving your employees the opportunity to volunteer, you can transform both your company culture and the streets of Pittsburgh. Click here to learn more.



Bike to Work Day

Third Friday of May; mark your calendar for National Bike To Work Day! BikePGH works with local employers to turn this into a supportive day to celebrate biking & encourage new transportation habits. Click here to learn more.

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