memorium and honorarium


Christopher Cynkar gave $100 in honor of Allen Robinson.

Ann Marie Toccket gave in honor of all Jane did to build the Spinnsters/WMNBikePGH program! And for its continued existence. :)

Pamela Andrae gave $15 in honor of Andrew Mrotek.

R Gary Garvin gave $50 in honor of Sarah Weissman and Rush Howe’s wedding.

Jim and Margie McKain gave $25 in honor of Danny Chew.

Evan Landis gave $25 in honor of Evan Landis.

Ann Davis gave $100 in memory of Paul Street.

Amy Risko and Gregory Sinn gave $70 in memory of Susan Hicks.

Jennifer Besecker gave $50 in honor of Adam DiMenno.

Lynne Reder gave $25 in memory of Carol Hamilton.

Madeleine Bean gave $5 in memory of Misty.

Lindsay Angelo gave $50 in memory of Susan Hicks.

Nicola Veneziano gave $10 in honor of Dee List.

Brad Quartuccio gave $157.32 in memory of Urban Velo.

Lou and Amy Weiss gave $100 in honor of Beth Hazlett and Jim Fleming’s wedding.

Jimmy and Susan Goldman gave $36 in memory of Gerald “Jerry” Phillips.

Clara Grantier gave $10 in honor of Landon Bryant.

Becky Mingo and Dutch MacDonald gave $250 in memory of Max and Toby MacDonald Mingo.

Eric and Alice Werner gave $100 in honor of Scott Bricker.

Alex and Martha Mychkovsky gave $100 in memory of Stephen Mullins.

Charlie Steward gave $100 in honor of Bill Peduto.

Joanne and Eric Beckman gave $200 in honor of the BikePGH staff.

Kelly MacMillan gave $25 in honor of Drew Thorla.

Kristen Engle, Iain Engle-Roe & Sean Garrett gave $500 in honor of Iain Engle-Roe.

Donna and Jerry Green gave $50 in memory of Richard Thomas.

Theodore Denman-Brice gave $50 in honor of Zoe Wright.

Michael Tarr ad Laurie Heller gave $54 in honor of Judith Yanowitz.

Diane Chessman gave $10 in memory of Virginia.

Elly and Peter Fisher gave $500 in memory of Susan Hicks.

Tim Scales gave $25 in honor of Cruz Newman.

Anna Marie and Chris Pavone gave $25 in honor of the beautiful City of Pittsburgh.

Charles Horowitz gave $100 in honor of Brad Quartuccio and Katie Horowitz.

Joanne and Eric Beckman gave $200 in honor of Nancy Beckman.

Rachel Dingfelder gave $50 in honor of the BikePGH staff.

Justin Stein and Danella Hafeman gave $100 in honor of Dan Hafeman.

Andrew and Chris Troianos gave $1,000 in memory of Mike McDermott.

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