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Whether you enjoy being outdoors or in the office, there are plenty of ways to volunteer at BikePGH. Join our community today and help make Pittsburgh’s streets safer!

If you’re not a current member, you can trade 10 volunteer hours for a year’s membership. Register with our Barter Membership Program and you’ll be on your way.

Questions? Contact Lydia at volunteer@bikepgh.org or 412.325.4334.

Volunteer Opportunities

EDUCATION Volunteer opportunities

Support BikePGH’s education programs like Positive Spin, Operation Illumination, City Cycling classes, and more. Education is for everyone: drivers, cyclists and pedestrians alike can learn how to get to destinations safely and to keep those around them safe too with Bike Pittsburgh’s programs.


Advocacy Volunteer Opportunities

Bolster Bike Pittsburgh’s advocacy programs by helping with policy meetings, surveys, campaigns, and outreach efforts. We can’t transform Pittsburgh alone: the collective voice of our members and supporters help amplify our mission.


community Volunteer Opportunities

Help out with BikePGH’s community programs by marshaling group rides, supporting events like Bike to Work Day and the Women & Biking Forum, and running bike valets. Building a community of people who bike and walk is enormously important to the work we do.


Vol Night Old Photo

Volunteer Nights

ATTENTION: There is no December Volunteer Night! See you in January!

Meet other people who like to bike while helping us in the office with tasks like stuffing envelopes, organizing gear, and prepping for events. Pizza is provided, and BYOB is welcome.


Intersection Heroes protecting an intersection with foam hands and swim noodles.


OpenStreetsPGH connects neighborhoods together with car-free streets where people can walk, run, dance, and play on a summer day. You can make it all possible by helping set up the event, answering questions of participants, or taking over an intersection with your team of friends or coworkers!

Opportunities for OpenStreetsPGH will be posted in the spring!


PedalPGH Volunteer handing out shirts to a bicyclist


PedalPGH is Pennsylvania’s largest bike ride! Show your love for Pittsburgh’s bicycling community by helping out at PedalPGH! Hand out snacks and drinks at rest stops, pass out t-shirts, and help us make this year’s ride better than ever.

Opportunities for PedalPGH will be posted in the spring!

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