25, 30, 35 mile loop help : )

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My route from the South Side is the following:

Carson to the Smithfield Br.
Through Dahntahn to Smallman St.
Smallman to 36th then onto Butler St.
Butler through Lawrenceville
Up Highland Park Hill all the way to the top and back down past the pool.
Take Stanton to Highland and turn left.
Go through Shadyside to Beechwood Blvd.
Follow Beechwood all the way to the five way intersection with Browns Hill Rd.
Cross road to Hazelwood and follow Hazelwood all the way to 2nd ave.
Turn right and take 2nd Ave to Greenfield AVe intersection.
Go straight and take Panther Hollow trail to Boundary St.
take Boundary to Fifth and cross onto Neville.
Left onto Bayard, then first right on Melwood.
Cross Centre and Baum, then make left on Denver, then immediate right to take you into Polish Hill.
Ride through Polish Hill then back down into Strip.
From there you can head back to the Jail Trail, then get back to the South Side via the Hot Metal Br.

Sometimes I add a little loop over the 16th St Br. and a tour of the North Side before heading back.

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