62nd st bridge CLOSED (kind of)

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Don’t take 28 to get from the end of Butler St to the 40th St Bridge (lol)… As most sane people would already know.

The cops were out and gave us a warning, and a couple of pissed off yinzers drove vans past us 3″ off the shoulder at 75+ mph honking at us.

The police told us we were the 3rd ones of the day they had pulled over biking on 28 to get from 62nd st to 40th st.

3 in one day shows how unfriendly this city is to bikes in certain neighborhoods.

In fact that whole Shaler area sucked a big nut for biking, as we got harassed by police a couple of times BEFORE the Rt 28 incident.

Im done with that area for awhile.

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