Advice on biking Allegheny river Blvd.

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Just curious as to the best way on handling this situation. Comming from Penn hills toward Butler street, when going thru the intesection with Rt. 8 to continue straight what would be the best way of approaching this? The right lane turns to Highland Park Bridge the left lane connects with Butler street. While riding up the hill in the left lane is it better to stay as far to the right between the 2 lanes of traffic in the same direction, ride straight up the middle pissing off the folks behind you or stay to the left of that lane and ride as close to the double yellow line? I ride to the right of the lane as much as I can since at the top of the hill there is a converging point where I can at least pull over somewhat and will need to be in the right lane anyway to keep moving straight. Also,comming back in the opposite direction approaching the intersection would you stay in the right lane or stay in the left? The lanes converge down to one lane after you cross the intersection. When traffic becomes congested right there is it acceptable to cautiously ride between the 2 lanes of traffic to the front so again you’re not holding anyone up? Thanks

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