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For anyone unfamiliar, BGDB stands for “Black Girls Do Bike”. (         )   There are currently 20 chapters across the country with the mission of: “Growing and supporting a community of women/girls of color who share a passion for cycling. Meet, share, ask, organize, #engage.”

Surprisingly, Pgh is not one of the 20 cities with a chapter.  This was a surprise because the founder of this organization/movement is one of our own!!  I contacted Monica to ask why the cobbler’s kids were barefoot so to speak.  She explained that being a very busy wife and mom with a full time job, she doesn’t have enough time to do all of that, plus contribute to the national BGDB, AND run a local chapter by herself.  She would love to see someone step up and help with this!

I asked her permission to begin a search for a local lady that would be interested in working with her on this project.  It’s all about encouraging more women and girls of color to make healthier choices like biking.  Someone would need to step up and organize some rides; start a Facebook page; get the word out; etc.

I believe that a lot of the folks on this MB would support a local chapter of BGDB. I think that if anyone wanted to volunteer to partner with Monica and get Pgh in on this that there would be others here willing to help out.

Anyone interested?  Anyone know someone that might be interested?  Please spread the word to anyone you think would be a good candidate.

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