Bicycle Discrimination – Boycott Ross Park Mall

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Okay, so today after work I rode over to Ross Park Mall. I did a ride around the mall complex to find the best place to park. I passed the security truck twice in doing so. Then I go up the Cheesecake Factory and I see some security guards, ON BICYCLES.

I go up there to start a conversation with them and one of them is like “Bicycles are not permitted on the premise.” I try to escalate the issue, but some stupid mall employee in charge of security is like “No, bicycles are not allowed. The mall manager will be back on Tuesday.” Okay, whatever, apparently only the yes-men were working today.

As if being discriminated against for being a cyclist wasn’t worse enough, they actually have a little sign before you get up to the complex than lists rules and regulations. They mention pedestrians and skateboards, but it doesn’t say anything about bicycles.

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