Bicycling music

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Do you find inspiration in any cycling-themed music?

Unfortunately we missed the Pittsburgh show of The Ditty Bops 2006 tour, by bicycle. Since then, we’ve picked up both of their albums and have enjoyed them quite a bit. Their song Walk Or Ride is the inspiration for this new topic.

I’m not really looking for a comprehensive list of bicycle songs,
the rest of the Internet can take care of that.

Does Free Ride have a house band yet?


It’s really a car song, but the lyrics are great.

Verse 2

He said, “They’ll let any fool with money buy himself a car

And you can get a license here, however dumb you are

Oh they all turn into hotrods when they slide behind the wheel

When you get old enough to drive, remember here’s the deal:”

They’re all jerks

Anonymous #

As far as speakers this seems nice.


I have not got a chance to play around with it. But I think the endomondo app has a feature in it’s music player that shows the songs in you playlist that make you ride faster.

Anyways everyone knows this is the best riding song ever.


Damn it Velo


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