Bike improvements for Oakland and Hazelwood

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I just used Gold Way and Melwood St. for the second time today! I will have to do a video dedicated to this soon as well. I think Melwood St. to Herron Ave. should be have sharrows and humps installed as well. Install sharrows on Craig from Forbes Ave. to Baum Blvd., on Baum Blvd from Craig St. to Millvale Ave. Give Forbes Ave a road diet and a non door-zone bike lane on the right hand side plus other green bike treatments from Craft Ave. to Bigelow Blvd. Give S. Bellefield Ave. a road diet with a bike lane on each side, one for straight and right and another for left turns to 5th Ave cycle track. Sharrow 5th Ave. between Bellefield Ave. and Neville St. Install cycle track on 5th Ave. from Robinson St. to Bellefield Ave. in place of bus lane. Give bikes priority at traffic lights along 5th Ave. in Oakland. Essentially, make it as pleasurable to ride a bike as possible and have little impact on cars too.

It would also be nice to give Irvine St. in Hazelwood a road diet with bike lanes on both sides. Install the Bike-Pgh racks in the business district on 2nd Ave as well as sharrows.

As a reference, Here is me going from the Eliza Furnace Trail to Mobile St. via Irvine St. Notice how I get paranoid and hug the edge for a while as well as a thread the needle with a bus at 22:56

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