Bike Lanes Kill

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Take the lane person needs to go around me in another lane or partial.

In Bike lanes autos can and will pass as close as they want or drift into you, and turn right when ever they feel like it even though they just passed you. Not to mention it is real hard for a cyclist to merge left for a left turn.

Bike lanes are horrible by law you need to ride in them even though it may put you in danger. How many times have you been riding and the bike lanes ends. in the middle of autoland?

Bike lanes allow people to kill because the only design is to get cyclists off to the side of the road so cars can do as above. Really you every wonder why they stop right before an intersection where I am going to have the most problems.

If a bicycle lane did work, you would be riding in the roadway. Because they only will work by autos themselves doing the same thing as when I take the lane.

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