Bike Lanes Kill

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ok, i think i understand what you’re saying, acyclist2. let me first say that there is no law in PA that states that if a bike lane exists a cyclist must ride in it. Bike lanes are not some protective force field, but they are on-street education. By way of the stripes, stencils, and signage they place cyclists on the street even when no one is riding in it. It’s another way for motorists to get used to seeing us and start to pay attention.

I feel the same about sections of street needing the most amt of attention often getting the least. This happened with Liberty at the Bloomfield Bridge, however we went back to the engineering firm and City Planning and they now have plans to extend the bike lanes and shared land markings further, (potentially) put a blue bike lane across the on ramp to the bridge going east and make the right hand lane “buses, bikes, and right turn only”. Often, the tools don’t exist to continue bike facilities through tricky sections. With things like Shared Lane Markings, blue bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, which are just starting to be utilized, we’re getting there.

Bike lanes aren’t a panacea, but they make a lot of people feel safer which, in turn, gets more riders on the road. More riders seems to be the only thing that actually reduces injuries and fatalities.

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