Bike Lanes Kill

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Yep, it was not good. I was reading it closely as I wanted to try to picture the spot. It’s been a few years but I know the area. It’s not a very remarkable intersection. But kinda messy, with cars moving in varied directions with varied intentions.

I think that traffic layouts really are critical. And it’s not usually easy to stripe a bike lane into an intersection with pre-existing traffic patterns. The worst case is to put in a bike lane that gives both cyclists and drivers an illusion of separation while requiring that they cross and interact.

Pittsburgh has more than its share of roads poorly designed for automobile traffic alone. Just striping a line to pretend that cyclists now get that part to themselves is, by itself, a bad idea.

Sharrows, on the other hand, seem a better step toward integrating road users. “We are traffic”, and all that.

But I’m preaching to the choir.

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