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Hey folks. I am starting a new thread in a more appropriate location.

For new viewers:
Please join us on thursday evenings at 6pm at the hockey court under the Bloomfield bridge on the bloomfield side to play or watch some bike polo.

We also play on saturdays at 3:30, but check the postings for the locations. Once construction is done on the southside birmingham bridge park court, it’ll be there on saturdays.

To the folks who have been playing, I’m looking for thoughts on a new game procedure. We played on saturday and were trying a new post-goal procedure:

After scoring a goal, the scoring team must ride back to their end and circle around, behind their own goal, before entering play again. The team that was scored on can start play immediately after the goal is scored.

It changes the pace of the game a bit, and makes it so you don’t have to say “yinz ready?” after every goal. Any thoughts? Too intense? Too many procedures and rules? Try it and see what you think? Let me know. thanks folks! See you thursday!

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