Bike/Gear Set-ups?

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I’ve seen some cool bikes around town and wanted to start a discussion on how people have their bikes/gear set up, to suit their ride.

One particular bike I’ve been riding a lot lately, is a cross rig I have (steel frame) with a triple 105 chainring up front, and a SRAM cassette with XT derailleur in back. I’ve got a 45mm knobby in front with a 35mm in back; I weigh about 210 (minus camel bak and extra gear) and have been running 65/70 psi, respectively.

Those gears put me almost but not quite as low as a mtb, and usually handle whatever incline I’ve been on so far. I have cross-top brake levers that I personally couldn’t live without. I love them. And a Brooks saddle that’s quite possibly my favorite part of the whole thing. It’s really that comfortable.

There are some other things I love about the bike but those are the highlights. Riding this set-up in Frick and Riverview Parks has been a legendary amount of fun, spinning and climbing on the wider paths, and riding downhill on the narrower tracks.

So that’s it. Please take the time to discuss what kind of riding or machine is making your inner biker happy…

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Really? A bunch of bike riders don’t want to discuss bikes or gear? Is everybody christmas shopping?

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LOL Tis the season…

Personally, I’m working towards not being a wimp; I have a bad habit of climbing hills sitting down in granny gears.

For a while I was 11-34 in the back and 28-38-48 up front. I’m currently riding 11-32 and 30-42-50. I building up a bike now that will likely be 12-25 rear and 53-39 front, but I think I’d be happier with a compact double 50-34 set up so I might swap the front crankset after a few miles if I can’t handle the set up.


Too many bikes to even know where to begin. Especially if we are going to start talking about entire bike builds and not just gearing.


^what he said. But I will tell you about my favorite bike ever (so far):

It is the 2012 All-City Big Block. 49cm. I didn’t switch much out other than the seat tube (had to put a straight instead of laid back because I needed to move the saddle way forward and ran out of rails.. I have short arms and like a short cockpit), the saddle (I had a San Marco Glamour until 2

Days ago, when one of the rails broke while I was riding into work.. Now I have some sort of spare Sette saddle that I think may stay on it..), shamano double-sided Clipless pedals, bullhorns, a front brake, single water bottle cage, clip on fenders when the weather is poop, 25 RIBMOs that I run at near max PSI (110ish). It is a light silver. It weighs around 22lbs. The rest of the components are stock. It is geared at 46-17. It has a beefy drivetrain, and I particularly like that the bottom bracket is a bit higher off of the ground and the crank arms are 165mm. I haven’t smacked my pedals off of the ground while cornering yet. I ride it fixed. We are going to put a salmon cool stop brake pad on it.

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Drewbacca, why is it a bad habit to sit and spin up hills!? It does feel good to get up and hammer at times but as a rule, I’m all about the mechanical advantage.

Cburch, I own several bicycles too, and don’t want to hear about every one you own or want to own. I just figured with such an active community, someone just might say something that would give me an idea or two. Thanks for your contribution, we all only have so much to give…

StefB, that’s what I was looking for. I just enjoy hearing about the different bikes that people enjoy and love because I know I’ll never own them all. I do happen to have a Sette mtb, though, and it’s my favorite hard tail I’ve ever owned. No kidding, it rocks.

Anonymous #

i have a blue bike.

Anonymous #

my favorite road bike – I don’t really use road bikes any more, fat tires for me :)

a Graphtek – the first carbon production frame.

The frame is carbon wrapped aluminum tubes which are epoxied into stainless lugs.

As stiff or stiffer then a comparable time period Columbus tubed frame, and due to the dual nature of the materials far nicer to ride.

Vibration from road shock, like potholes etc, that would normally be transmitted by an aluminum frame were dampened by the carbon, and vise verse.

Also the aluminum ‘reinforcement’ of the carbon reduced the ‘Whip’ I have seen in many all carbon frames.

‘Whip’ being the side to side flex of the top/down tubes at the head tube.


Well I was going to list a few of my favorites from the stable of 8 (i think?) with the complete builds when I had time, but holy shit was that response un-called-for and snarky. Have fun with your thread, jerk.

Anonymous #

Cburch, try not to wear your heart on your sleeve like that; it’s a cruel world, and only more cruel when you’re being overly sensitive and inflamed. Likewise, the melodrama only takes away from the whole bicycle-oriented feeling. Midol is available over-the-counter, my crampy friend.

@Been there, I used to have a Trek 2300 (I think) carbon frame bike with 105 parts. I loved that frame and it did seem to dampen a lot of chatter.

Today makes the second time I’ve posted on here, only to be accosted by someone with nothing better to do than make something out of nothing. So in parting if you’re a thin skinned bitch, please just pass this thread and move on. Thanks.


Dont be an idiot. You got shitty for no reason when I didn’t reply the way you wanted. I responded in kind. If you don’t want a rude reply, don’t be fucking rude in the first place.


Lolz. You have no idea.. Thin-skinned is not something that describes cburch. You got the polite response.. I heard what he really wanted to type.

You did come off as condescending in your initial reply, Val. And no one tells my husband to take midol but me.

the reason you didn’t get a bunch of replies right way was because it is the weekend. People post here a whole lot more on the weekdays, as you would have seen, had you been patient. As mikhail pointed out, this has also been discussed in other threads. You can click on those links and they will take you to those threads. it would have been something to keep you busy until you got whar you wanted.

You also didn’t need to point out to us how to ride safely in the thread I started about ELB. I have yet to be hit, and I do attribute that to using all of my available senses that apply in addition to assuming that I am invisible to divers.


Also. The ridiculously sexist insults make you seem totally awesome.

helen s

Boys, boys, let’s not get your testosterone filled panties in a wad.

I have 3 bikes- nothing special. I do love my Brooks saddle.


I thought about a brooks saddle since the demise of one of mine earlier this week. Which kind do you have?


“Drewbacca, why is it a bad habit to sit and spin up hills!? It does feel good to get up and hammer at times but as a rule, I’m all about the mechanical advantage.”

It’s a bad habit for me. I’m entirely too leisurely in my riding and I don’t get much of a work out. I have no problem riding for eight hours straight but I wear out quickly when sprinting. I just want to get stronger and get more of a workout from my riding than I currently do.

Of course, that’s why I started on a new build. ;) I’ll keep the mechanical advantage on the 520.


How is pointing out that someone is being a jerk being all testosteroney? This person (I have no idea if they are male, female or other) has been rude, condescending and impatient for absolutely no reason. I simply described why the reply was offensive and that the poster was therefore being a jerk. If more people were willing to do the same and hold people accountable for acting like assholes instead of just passively taking their shit, I think a whole lot fewer people would feel that it’s socially acceptable to engage in this type of self centered bullying behavior.

And no pierce I don’t want to understand why they do it. I want them to knock it the fuck off.


Also my current favorite bike (because I just got it) is a 17″ salsa el mariachi ss limited edition:

17″ chromoly frame with matching suspension corrected (100mm equivalent) rigid chromoly fork (both disc only)

Cane creek 40 zs44 headset

Thomson elite x4 70mm/0* stem with 40mm of steerer spaced under it (tall top cap ftw!)

Easton havoc carbon bars 1/2″ rise, cut to 720mm

ODI Troy Lee signature lock on grips

Swapping to shimano xt brakes (currently avid elixir5s) w180f/160r icetech rotors

Thomson elite seat post

Selle italia SLRxc saddle

SRAM xx1 175mm narrow carbon cranks (156mm Q factor) w/32 tooth x-sync chainring and ceramic GXP external bearings

Shimano XTR clipless pedals, soon to be XT trail

SRAM PC 890 chain

Stan’s ZTR Rapid rims (they finally have rims with eyelets!)

Salsa Formula hubs

DT Swiss champion spokes

Salsa skewers

Rear has a singlespeed freehub w/shimano splines, spacers and a lock ring to adjust chainline

18 t surly cog

Sweet sliding dropouts that make working on the rear wheel without haing to reset chain tension a breeze

Continental trail king 2.3″ tires

Salsa seat post binder

rice rocket

cburch, is it that the Ti one?

I blew my savings on this, I haven’t even finished it. Just finished building my rear wheel and just aired everything up, now I’m truing front. I need to ride again, bring my skillset up to my bike’s capabilities. Following cburch’s format:

16″ On-One Whippet frame

Fox RLC Float F120 fork stopped down to 90mm

Cane Creek 40 Campy integrated headset

Hope 50mm -25 stem

Easton EC70 680mm bars

Oury black grips

Shimano XTR trail brakes, Icetech 160mm rotors f/r

Thomson Elite seatpost

Specialized Romin 130mm saddle

RaceFace Deus XC crank (32T chainring w/ bash ring)

Shimano BB92 BB

PD-M520 pedals (need to bring these up to matching spec)

KMC K710SL chain

Pacenti TL28 650b rims

Halo XCD front/XCS singlespeed rear

DT Swiss Revolution spokes laced 3x

15QR front/bolt-on rear

18T Halo Fat Foot cog w/ Wheels Mfg spacer kit and lockring

Not so sweet track ends w/ On-One chaintugs

650b x 2.35 Nobby Nic front, 650b x 2.25 Racing Ralph front

Salsa seatpost binder


Nice build man. Sounds like a lot more fun than the old one. No mine isn’t ti, the ti frame still had a bunch of stupid cable stops. It’s this one, but with nicer parts:

rice rocket

Oh, you went 29!

I didn’t even notice when I first read the specs.


ok bike 2, dirt jumper:

ns suburban frame – chromoly, standard length

atomlab trailpimp fork (60mm travel, super stiff, super simple)

fsa pig dh pro headset

thomson elite x4 50mm/0º stem

chromag fubars osx bars, 25mm rise, 5º upsweep, 8º backsweep, cut to 750mm

odi ruffian lock-on grips

avid elixir9 brake (160r only)

coalition/hell on earth pivotal saddle

coalition resto verus pivotal seatpost

profile cranks, 160mm

gusset external bearing bmx bottom bracket (for 19mm spindle)

ns aerial sb pedals

coalition v2 28t sprocket

kmc z chain 1/8

azonic outlaw wheelset, 26″, 135mm x 10mm bolt-on rear /110mm x 20mm ta front

gusset twinsix singlespeed adaptor w/12t cog

intense microknobbie 2.1″ tires

Anonymous #

It’s nice to see you were able to quell that estrogen surge and make some bike talk. And I appreciate how you countered my sexism, by having your wife take up for you. Clever indeedI

It’s interesting to see you’re riding 650 rims; I’ve always wanted to ask someone their impression of that wheel size, as it pertains to trail handling. What are those ‘micro-knobbies’ all about? Is that similar to something like a small-block eight type of tread?

rice rocket

Curious how I know all this stuff off the top of my head too.

G/f’s bike:

Nashbar CX frame, custom painted pink

Nashbar CX carbon fork

Bob Woodman pink headset

3T ARX Pro 80mm -6 stem

Dimension Short Shallow bars

Ultegra 6500 left shifter, Tiagra 5500 right shifter

Deda foam bar tape – pink

Avid BB7 road brakes f/r

160mm Shimano some old school centerlock rotors

Fizik Aliante gamma saddle

Dimension seatpost

Shimano Sora 53x39x30 cranks, 170mm

Shimano BB-UN55 square taper bottom bracket

Shimano Dura-Ace 7800 triple front derailleur

MKS GR-9 pedals

Deore long cage rear derailleur

KMC X9 chain

Bontrager Ranger 29er wheelset

11-34 Deore HG cassette

Bontrager Race All Weather hard case 700x28c tires

rice rocket

Dad’s old bike:

Scott CR1 49cm frame

Scott carbon fork/aluminum steerer

Ritchey Pro Logic headset

Truvativ 90mm -10 deg stem

ITM Mantjs 40cm bars

Ultegra 6500 shifters

Deda black tape

Ultegra 6500 brakes

Specialized Romin 143mm saddle

Easton EC90 setback seatpost

Ultegra 6650 compact 50×34 crankset

Dura-Ace 7800 bottom bracket

Shimano 105 5600 front derailleur

MKS Sylvan pedals

105 5600 rear derailleur

105 5600 chain

Rolf Vector Pro wheelset

11-27 SRAM PG-1050 cassette

Continental GP4000 700x23c tires

Anonymous #

Drewbacca, as much as I love good gear and equipment, I’m really not a techie (cannot intelligently discuss gear ratios or the like). I think it’s interesting that your approach to getting more out of your ride/workout is to build a new rig. That is original. So tell me, what’s your general scheme for putting this build together? I’ll be interested to hear.

I’m thinking of adding a second 45mm knobby to the rear wheel of my Kelly for the winter season, and continuing to ride through the city and hit some good trails in the parks.

rice rocket

Dad’s new bike:

Cervelo RS 50cm

3T Funda Pro fork

FSA IS-3 headset

FSA OS-190 LX 90mm -6 stem

FSA Omega Compact bars

SRAM Rival shifters

Fizik Microtex bar tape

FSA Gossamer Pro brakes

Specialized Romin 143mm saddle

3T Dorico Team setback seatpost

FSA Gossamer 50×34 crankset

FSA Mega EXO bottom bracket

SRAM Rival front derailleur

MKS Sylvan pedals

SRAM Rival rear derailleur

SRAM PC-1071 chain

Shimano R500 wheelset

SRAM PG-1070 11-25 cassette

Vittoria Rubino Pro Slick 700x25c

rice rocket

Sister’s bike:

Scott Speedster 47cm

Stock carbon fork / alloy steerer

Loose ball headset

Scott stem

Scott Contessa bars

ST-2300 Sora shifters

White foam bar tape

Scott brakes

Scott saddle

Scott seatpost

Truvativ Isoflow crankset 52x42x30

Truvativ 07BB bottom bracket

Shimano 2303 front derailleur

Some OTS platform pedals

Sora 3400 rear derailleur

KMC HG-50 chain

Alexrims wheelset

SRAM PG-830 11-28 cassette

Continental Ultra Sport 700x23c


you’re still an idiot and i don’t control my wife’s reactions to stupidity. your reading comprehension sucks too as i wasn’t the one who said anything about 650b. keep making stupid sexist cracks though. its a great way to make friends around here.

no the tires arent anything like small blocks. google is your friend, i’m not.

Anonymous #

Well fine, I’ll be sure not to ask you anything else, since Google is my friend and you’re not. But thanks for answering the question about the tires, Maude.

Rice Rocket, I meant to direct my question about the 650s to you. How long have you been riding them and how do they stack up? I’m just curious, it’s not even important.

cburch, I’ll be sure to just Google any other questions I have, like which stretch jeans make my ass look great, etc. Be sure to go to the Emergency Room if you keep hurting inside. You never know, it could be a medical condition…


bike 3 downhill bike:

small Santa Cruz v10.4c frame (carbon front/aluminum rear triangle), 10″/8.5″ adjustable travel, carbon upper link, limited gold aluminum lower link with hidden zerk fittings and sweet, sweet locking collet axels with angular bearings

Cane Creek Double Barrel Air rear shock, h/l compression and rebound adj

Rockshox Boxxer World Cup fork, 200mm travel, h/l compression/rebound and bottom-out adjust

Cane Creek 110 zs49 headset

Thomson 28mm direct mount stem

Easton Havoc carbon bars, 20mm rise, uncut 75mm width

ODI Troy Lee signature lock-on grips

Shimano Saint brakes

Shimano icetech rotors (203f/180r)

Shimano Saint rear shifter

Thomson masterpiece seatpost

Selle Italia SLRxc saddle

Thomson seatpost binder

E13 LG1+ chainguide/bashgaurd

SRAM X0 DH carbon cranks, 160mm

E13 Guidering 36t chainring

Straitline AMP pedals

Truvativ Blackbox GXP DH external bearing bb w/ceramic bearings

SRAM Red 11-23 10spd cassette

SRAM PC 1091 hollow pin chain

Shimano Saint Shadow Plus rear derailleur

DT Swiss fr600 36 hole rims laced to DT Swiss 440 hubs with DT Swiss Alpine 3 spokes, 110mm/20mm ta front 150mm/12mm ta rear

Maxxis Minion DHF 2.75″ supertacky front, Minion DHR2 2.5″ 3c rear, both with Café Latex tubeless system

total weight 33lbs 13oz – this might go down a LOT if i get a new set of wheels built (Profile Elite hubs laced to Enve DH carbon rims)


weight for bike 1: 24lbs 6oz

weight for bike 2: 26lbs 4oz

rice rocket

Are the Zerk fittings for the greasing the pivot? I only have ever seen them on rod ends in circle track cars.


Cannondale CAAD9X 50cm

Easton EC90X fork

FSA Orbit X headset

Bontrager RL 90mm -25 stem

3T Ergonova Pro 42cm bars

Dura-Ace 7800 shifters

Fizik microtex glossy red tape (going white soon)

Tektro 926AL BMX mini-V front brakes w/ KoolStop CX pads and holders

Shimano CX50 cantilever rear brakes

Ritchey WCS Wet red seatpost

Specialized Romin 130mm saddle

Campagnolo offset seatpost binder

SRAM Red 53/39 cranks 170mm, Cannondale branded

SRAM BB30 bottom bracket

Shimano 7810 pedals

11-28 Shimano 6700 cassette

6701 Shimano chain

5700 105 front and rear derailleurs

BHS C472W 20-spoke rims F/R laced to BHS SLF78W front and Zipp 188 rear hubs, radial front, radial DS rear, 1x NDS

Sapim CX-ray spokes

Continental GP4000S 700x25c tires (should probably go for something more flat resistant soon)

Schwalbe CX Pro 700x30c tires for when I’m feeling crossy, which hasn’t happened yet

Planet Bike Cascadia fenders (needs a LOT of custom modification on this bike, not recommended unless you’re handy)

I don’t weigh my bikes consistently, I’m guessing this one is around 19, the Scott CR1 is a smidge over 16, the On-One is hopefully near 20, the Cervelo RS is ~17 w/o pedals, the Scott Speedster is ~23, the Nashbar CX is 24 lbs.


bike 4 slopestyle/park bike:

15″ Transition Bottlerocket frame 5.5″/6″ travel adjustable, but oh so slack

Fox DHX 2 rear shock h/l compression, single rebound and boost valve adjust w/500lb spring

Rockshox Lyrik 2-Step Air fork, 135/160mm travel, tapered steerer, h/l compression and rebound adjust, lockout w/adjustable floodgate

Cane Creek 40 zs44/49 headset

Truvativ Hussefelt stem, 50mm/0º

Easton Havoc Aluminum bars 20mm rise, 750mm width

ODI Troy Lee signature lock-on grips

Avid Elixir X0 brakes

Avid HS1 rotors 200f/180/r

SRAM X9 9spd rear shifter

Truvativ Hussefelt seatpost

SDG Patriot saddle

Transition quick-release seatpost binder

E13 SG1 chainguide/bashguard

Shimano Saint cranks, 165mm

E13 Guidering 34t chainring

Deity Decoy pedals

Truvativ GXP Team external bearing bb

SRAM PG990 11-26 cassette

SRAM PC970 chain

SRAM X9 9spd rear derailleur, short cage

Azonic Outlaw wheelset, 110mm/20mm ta front, 135mm/12mm ta rear

Maxxis Ardent 2.5 60a front and rear

total weight 36lbs 2oz – this thing is built for non-stop abuse.


i bought a shop scale…

yeah zerk fittings are for greasing the axels. just hook up the grease gun and push until the grease comes out of the ends nice and clean. makes in-season maintenance really straightforward.

rice rocket

Zerks sound cool, but I guess you still need to break it down at the end of the season to remove the dirt?

Road bike is…

Litespeed C2 frame/fork

FSA semi-integrated headset headset bearing cover

3T ARX Team 90mm -17 stem

3T Ergonova Pro 40cm bars

Fizik Microtex glossy white tape

7800 brakes F/R

6700 shifters

Integrated aero seat post

Specialized Romin Team saddle w/ carbon rails

Specialized S-WORKS Gen2 crankset with 50×34 Ultegra rings (52×36 Stronglight CT2s soon)

DA 7810 pedals

SRAM BB30 bottom bracket

Shimano 6700 11-28 cassette

Shimano 6701 chain

7800 front and rear derailleurs

Gore sealed cables

FLO Cycling 90mm clinchers

Continental GP4000S 700x23c tires

This thing was 17 lbs when I had my Flashpoint wheels, I think I’m closer to 18 now w/ the silly deep clinchers.

rice rocket

How is that Red cassette on that Santa Cruz? I always heard the CX forums complain that it fills up with dirt b/c the gap between the cogs is too shallow and the slightest bit of mud buildup would make you skip.


bike 5 trail/freeride bike:

small Intense Carbine carbon frame, 5.5/6″ travel – but a bit steeper geo than the Bottlerocket

Rockshox Lyrik 2-Step Air fork, 135/160mm travel, tapered steerer, h/l compression and rebound adjust, lockout w/adjustable floodgate

Cane Creek 110 zs44/49 headset

Thomson Elite X4 stem 50mm/0º

Easton Havoc carbon bars 20mm rise, 750mm width

ODI Troy Lee signature lock-on grips

Shimano XTR trail brakes

Shimano XTR shifters

KindShock Supernatural adjustable seatpost w/remote (going to be getting the Thomson one when it comes out this spring)

Selle Italia SLRxc saddle

Thomson seatpost binder

SRAM X0 carbon 2×10 cranks, 170mm, 26/39t chainrings

Straitline AMP pedals

Truvativ Blackbox GXP external bearing bb w/ceramic bearings

SRAM PG 1070 cassette, 11-26

SRAM PC 1091r chain, hollow pins, cut out outer plates

Shimano XTR Shadow Plus rear derailleur

Crank Brothers Iodine3 wheelset 110mm/20mm ta front, 142mm/12mm ta rear

Shwalbe Fat Albert (f/r specific) 2.25″ snakeskin sidewalls, trailstar compound

Café Latex tubeless system

total weight 27lbs 13oz – not bad for a 6″ travel freeride bike.

road bikes tomorrow. i have to actually look at them to remember everything. i also have a cheapo 24″ cruiser for bmx racing thats at my friends house being borrowed all winter. its a dk with a couple minor upgrades and its a pig. probably my heaviest bike.


i road in the shittiest conditions imaginable all season and never had an issue. clay dust and mud at 7 springs, peanutbutter/clay muck at the always wet snowshoe, even granite sand with mud mixed in up at whiteface didnt phase the shifting. and that was with the X0 stuff thats been taken off and will be passed down to the Bottlerocket. i can’t imagine how crisp it will be with the clutched shadow plus on it. of course i also maintain the crap out of my bikes and use sealed cables for all my shifting.

sometimes i miss my old 15 something pound Giant (97 alloy TCR with a modern Dura Ace groupo (replaced the almost modern Campy Record groupo), FSA and Ritchey carbon everything and stupid light FSA wheels) but then i remember i’m not racing and my comfy steel road bike (All-City Mr. Pink w/Ultegra groupo) is perfect for the rare long ride i do on pavement these days and my fixie (SE Premium Brew) is perfect for running around town.


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