Bill Strickland on Sharing the Road

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Aaron S

I can’t say I’m always the most cordial to people who threaten my life with their cars. I’m more than happy to remind them that I’m typically warmed up, senses on high alert, and not a good person to pick a fight with right at the moment.

Typically however, if possible I do try to end conversations as Bill has suggested. One particular instance had a man jumping forth from his car on the 62nd St bridge, threatening myself and co-worker at the time with all sorts of bodily harm and colorful language. At one point as he advanced towards me I took a step back and wound up, thinking to myself that this was the time I was truly going to find out what it sounded like to bean someone with a ulock square in the head and told him very matter of factly that I was going to break his skull. After more colorful English and craziness involving his passenger getting out of the car and fleeing what seemed to be nothing good… It all ended in a handshake in front of his house on Butler St.

– “Bad day.”
– “Don’t do it again dude. We’re just going home from work.”

It was the best ending possible. We both walked away better for it.

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