Bill Strickland on Sharing the Road

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Aaron S

wow. so a group of people who have one thing in common (this time riding bikes) have to put up with (possibly fatal) aggression from people just having a bad day… sometimes i can sympathize with the driver for a moment if i think my actions, or the actions of whoever is cycling with me, have frightened the driver. usually though it’s just an asshole who wants to go as fast as they please with no interruptions in my experience …

i’ve recently realized pedestrians get the same shitty treatment though. because of my job i’ve been walking around oakland for a couple hours a day and i’ve been honked at, nearly hit, scowled at… again this probably has to do with the horrible offense of slowing the car down or making them pay attention to the road.

although i can’t recall an encounter when i didn’t immediately boil inside and usually flick off the driver, i agree that it is a worthwhile effort. hopefully i’ll remember next time!

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