Brown Schwinn

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Hi everybody,

My bike was stolen some time between about midnight Saturday (Feb. ninth), and 11:30 PM Sunday (yes, I didn’t leave the house Sunday).

It’s a brown 70s era Schiwnn Varsity, but it would be impossible to read the lettering on it. It has some white duct tape on the handlebars, as well as the original brown plastic. It also has a spring-loaded rack on the back, an cloth toe clips. The shifters were stuck in place as well.

It was taken from the corner of College and Walnut in Shadyside. It was locked to a signpost with a cable lock.

It’s really not worth anything (monetarily at least … sniff), so I can’t imagine someone trying to take it for profit. It was stolen once before, and recovered outside a bar. I figured the cable lock would be enough to deter any more drunk kids who want a free ride to a bar.

I’m going to call the police and see if they picked it up as an “abandoned bike” – even though I ride it every day, I always lock it in the same place, and it sure looks like an abandoned bike, with the rust and all. If nothing turns up soon, I suppose I’ll have to get a new one, and a better lock.

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