Capital Budget Improvements

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I was looking over the 2015 Capital Budget, and there is a dedicated section to Bike Infrastructure. Listed are the following:
-Central Business District Cycle Tracks (Stanwix Street and Blvd. of the Allies)
-Homewood Cycle Track (Lincoln Avenue)
-Schenley Park Cycle Track (Greenfield Road)
-Pavement Markings on Forbes, One Wild Place, Beacon Street, 40th Street, Marshall Avenue

I assume, “Cycle Track” means a segregated bike lane, if so, this is great news, and is moving towards the better bikeways plan.

Pages 22-23 of the attached document is where this information was found:


Are they improving the lane on Greenfield Road going up hill and making it more wide or just adding one going downhill? If it is the later I am not excited.


If I’m reading right they’re talking cycletracks??

Can we please, please separate the notion of protected bikeway and that protected bikeway being bidirectional… please?

The former is nice on many climbs and some flats with few intersections (well, we’ll see about how they’re cleaned this winter, but in principle), the latter is a dangerously bad idea at any non-trivial gradient.


BTW some of this was discussed before, including routing of the lanes. See ff.
But @sfp, I think the bike lane on Greenfield Road is not where you’re thinking — you’re referring to Greenfield Ave, right? The annoying stretch from Saline uphill? They’re not planning a bike lane there. The idea as I understand it is to connect the bike lane on Greenfield Bridge (over the Parkway, after reconstruction) to a bike lane in Schenley Park that will connect to the lane on Panther Hollow Road.
The Greenfield Ave/Saline/Second Ave/etc. issue is supposed to be addressed eventually by connecting through the ALMONO development in Hazelwood, using Hazelwood Ave.

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