Chanukah parade, 2018

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to notify about the annual Chanukah menorah parade tomorrow (sorry for the late notice!). It is starting in the Rodef Shalom parking lot and going to The Waterfront (route here); in previous years many bikers joined at Forbes & Shady (from where it’s mostly downhill), and rode at the tail end of the parade (behind the last cars, and in front of the trailing police vehicles).

There will be a grand Chanukah menorah lighting and celebration at The Waterfront following the parade.

Enjoy, and happy Chanukah! Let’s light up Pittsburgh; a little bit of light dispels a lot of darkness! :-)

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P.S. I am just an unofficial person who knows that Chabad will appreciate having bikes join the parade, as in past years; I have not been in touch to coordinate with Chabad about bikes joining the parade, as @byogman has in the past (thanks @byogman; the credit is yours for starting this annual tradition! :-) ). See also the ChabadPGH Chanukah celebrations page, where the parade is called “car and bike parade” :-)


I am incredibly touched to see this still happening.  I’m truly sorry that I had no bandwidth this year at all for it.  If there are any pics please share.  Hope to be back in the saddle, lighting up the night, and doing my usual nagging of interested parties next year!


This might be the first year I’ve missed it entirely. Fourple-booked between 5-8pm, and at least two things had to give. Maybe next year.

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