close encounter

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Several years ago, I was hiking on Chestnut Ridge above Uniontown and througha series of misadventures, needed to hike back up the ridge looking for the rest of the group. At one point, the trail came to a Y, one spur going to the overlook and I left a water bottle there so that if the rest of the group hadn’t reached that point they would hopefully stop so that I didn’t miss them while at the overlook.

When I came back, there was a bear sniffing around at the water bottle. He moved off as I approached. It was getting dark by that point so I couldn’t get a picture.

I wasn’t worried about the bear. I would have hated him to take or bite the water bottle I had left because it wasn’t mine and I wouldn’t want to have to try to explain to the owner that “a bear ate it.”

I’ve never seen a bear while biking on any trail.

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